GamesBeat: Rollers of the Realm's great ideas get flattened (review)

GamesBeat: If you have a difficult time grasping abstract narrative in pinball, it will be a fantastic eye-opener. Taken any further than that, expecting the replay of almost every other pinball option out there, and it disappoints.

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ColManischewitz1413d ago

Pinball and an RPG -- a combo I can't believe is a game. Even if it's bad, I want to check it out just to see what it's about.

patsrule3161413d ago

I bought the game on day one for PS4, and I finished the campaign today. Most of the criticisms the author gives are valid, but I still give it a better score. I enjoyed my time with the game, despite its flaws (especially the multiball, and only using a few characters). But it was still fun, and look back fondly on my time playing it. I'd probably give it a 7.5 to an 8. It was a great concept, that had some flawed execution, but was still fun overall.

midnightambler1413d ago

There was some crazy pinball/strategy game on GameCube -- can't remember the name of it now.