Free-to-play games: Not very good for the most part, says Take-Two CEO

At today's Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick discussed his stance regarding free-to-play games.

Spoiler alert: He's not too fond of them.

During the conference, Zelnick pointed to low paying player percentages and general lack of quality as reasons for his disdain towards most games in the free-to-play games market, stating:

"The problem with the free-to-play model is 95-97% of people who engage with your content don't pay for it. 3-5% do; on a good day, 10%."

Furthermore, Zelnick elaborated on the fact that 100% of gamers who play video games published by Take-Two pay for them.

One of the more blatant reasons as to why Zelnick isn't too privy to F2P games is due to the fact that, for the most part, they're simply not that good.

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Hendrickson2487d ago

No shit Sherlock...Of course free to play is bad Mr CEO. Micro transaction suck.

DesertFoxJr2487d ago

Hahaha. There are some games with F2P models that work fairly well, but for the most part (especially in mobile games, etc), both the business model and content quality is less than stellar.

Lord_Sloth2486d ago

They should follow Warframe's example. Every weapon and armor in the game can be obtained without dropping a single dime on the game.

zeuanimals2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )


Warframe's not the best example because the mechanics are set up so you either have to grind like crazy or pony up the cash. Sure, that gives you a reason to keep playing, but you have to admit that games that require excessive grinding of the same things over and over again without any new or different thigns gets tiring. You could spend 40 hours in the game and get basically nowhere if you don't spend money.

A game that does it really well is Path of Exile, nothing requires real cash except cosmetic changes and there's no cash to credit system. Obviously, there's grinding, but it's generally not that bad, and spending 40 hours in the game is gonna get you pretty far and you could get some great gear along the way.

Well, if you put a ton of time into PoE, you do end up having to pay... If you've got a sense of empathy for the devs. They put out an excellent product that could've been $50, but it's free, you're basically just donating money to them as a way of thanking them for giving you a great experience.

Hoffmann2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Ask the League of Legends and Path of Exile players about that and they might reply to you with surprising comments :-)

2487d ago
jukins2486d ago

As he said "for the most part". There are examples that work but mostly they're horrible.

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tekksin2486d ago

I'm launching a free to play game very soon. People put a lot of work into it--leave it to a CEO, or ignorant commenters, to condemn that hard work developers put in when they have no idea what it's like.

I have 1 microtransaction in my game. Coins are used to unlock levels and are deducted when the player dies (instead of used for lives. The player has endless lives--I don't believe in game overs. They're very pointless since you can just ask to restart with more lives), and if you so choose you can get a thousand coins for $1, but it in no way effects other players or makes the game any easier. Death causes a loss of coins, so, if a player is good, he or she will not need to download the the only microtransaction in the game.

Honestly, some developers just want people to enjoy games. They shouldn't be poked fun at because they don't have 25 million dollars to produce what's in their minds. I'd say some of THOSE (25 mil) games are "not very good", because they're all contrived carbon copies of the stuff we've already played before. I'll take "free to play" over "play it safe" any day.

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