Target Australia Banning GTA V Doesn’t Solve Anything

A petition signed by over 40,000 called for its removal, but other R-rated DVDs and games still remain on the retailer’s shelves. A move that’s one step forward and another back.

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Bathyj1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Seriously, don't read anymore if you haven't seen it.

you've been warned.

I just saw a tv show where a man gets raped in jail, then stabbed to death, an elderly man shot, and then a guy killed his own mother. But that's ok because theres no nipples in the show.

I'll tell you one thing this ban accomplished. I wasn't going to buy this game yet, but with 2 big stores pulling it I got nervous and went out and bought it before they do something stupid like a total ban in a year old game. Well done target and Kmart.

CaptainCamper1417d ago

Your Gomer Pyle avatar suggests you've seen Full Metal Jacket. Therefore you must be locked away before you do something stupid like shoot a bunch of random people.

But hey, at least GTA won't pollute your perspective ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.