New PS4 theme – The Hobbit and battle of the five armies

A new PS4 theme has been placed in the PS theme store.

This morning a new 20th anniversary theme was uploaded to the store but now there is a sweet Hobbit and the Five Armies Theme as well.

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Travis37081414d ago

Nice! I love these PS4 themes!!!!

Muzikguy1414d ago

They need a spot on the store for these. As far as I've seen, there isn't one. I jumped on there and searched "theme" but didn't find anything. Then I searched "themes" and I got 3600 results.

medman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Do you know it's under games and then extras? Or you could go into settings, themes, and there is a option to find in playstation store...either way it's just two button clicks away which is not bad. I just downloaded the 20th anniversary one. What Sony needs to do is open up themes so we get user made ones like we did for ps3...that's what I'm waiting for.

Christopher1413d ago

Muzikguy, go to Themes in settings, click the PS Store icon there. Should take you to the spot specific to PS4 themes.

I agree, they should have a way to get there from the PS storefront.

Kidmyst1413d ago

The PS4 store isn't as user friendly as the PS3 one but I use the phone app to download PS3 and PS4 things anyways. I too at first had a go finding themes.

ThatOneGuyThere1413d ago

I gave up searching last night. its not intuitive at all IMO

Unspoken1413d ago

It is unfortunate. The PSN store is terrible to navigate through. It was one of my first gripes. That and they completely ripped off the notification window from Windows 8, except they made it come in from the left side instead of the right.

UKmilitia1413d ago

its under GAMES > THEMES on uk store

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WeAreLegion1414d ago

Darn. Not available in the US. I'll check on the UK store when I get home.

Christopher1413d ago

Yeah. Was annoyed to find out it is UK only.

SmokingMonkey1414d ago

Loving the 20th Anniversary Theme.

lee13021414d ago

its in the uk i just got it

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