Gameplay of Virtua Fighters 5

A gameplay video of Virtua Fighters 5, about six minutes long.

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Tut4367d ago

Beautiful! Hooray for fighting in snow and it actually getting compacted and showing previous prints. Even the splash effect was great. Everything about the characters was impressive and it had an incredibly smooth flow to it. The shadows were accurate and smooth as well.

Two Thumbs up from me for this video!

Karibu4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

VF5 looks heavenly, awesome detail and overal raphics and damn smooth animation.
What annoys me is that it looks frikking stupid when characters bounce from hits. Thay have same animation when getting hit and flying in air.
Thats just an eyesore. Bouncer had this covered up, it looked great with it's physics.
It's gamemechanics of VF5 but it looks stupid when everything else is awesome. I hope there's Bouncer 2 coming.

Tut4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

I am sure everyone will notice that, even I did. The thing is VF has literally always done that. I don't see any reason for it to be removed or changed (yet at least), especially since it doesn't detract from the actual gameplay. If it caused some tsunami-force of a delay or something then I could understand it being a problem, but it doesn't. It is a simple animation amongst a multitude of animations that is pretty standard amongst the majority of these type of fighting games. Plus it makes for good combos =P

I can live with it, though, because for me it actually makes the game even more fun. It is more bouncy and fast-paced or something, I am not sure. I may just be blinded by the rest of its beauty to even care. Regardless, it should be great fun!

Karibu4367d ago

It's common problem in almost every fighting game. Bouncer did it so much better.
I'm not saying it's unplayable or something. I just hoped they got rid of it already.
I'm huge martial arts movie freak so a thing like that is a big problem for me. It flows so nice and after getting hit it loses it's magic.
Like I said, where's my bouncer 2?!
Or Tekken 6, wish they make it in new way.
Bouncing is so... '80's

Tut4367d ago

Hahaha. I never played Bouncer but I checked for some gameplay videos to see what you were talking about and I found a few but none of them really showed much of anything except this guy repeating the same move constantly. If you have a link to a nice video let me know please or if it is explainable feel free to if you get bored. I am interested now.

Karibu4366d ago

But as an example, oppenet makes high kick and you kick the leg he's standing on, opponent fals down in ragtdoll physics. I tried to find a good video and I see what you meant doing only one move, lol, people should learn to play.

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PS360WII4367d ago

that looks really good in the graphics^^ However I never did see the main appeal towards VF. I'd take DOA or Tekken anyday over VF, but that is just one mans opinion.

Vid looks great though no one can deny that

no_more_heroes4367d ago

didn't look any better than Tekken or even DOA to me. Kind of like the nice child that no one pays attention to but after seeing this vid I might start paying a little more attention to this one.

videl4367d ago

this games loooks awesome, the graphic is perfect and the fighters move very fluid. cant wait for this game!

specialguest4367d ago

these graphics may be beautiful and all, but fighting games like VF, Tekken, and DOA really needs to evolve. they've been using the same formula and fighting system for almost 10 yrs now.

what i would like to see is something more technical and realistic. like more than one type of block and counter system, instead of a block button that unrealistically blocks everything.

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