Gran Turismo 7 For PS4 Might Debut at PlayStation Experience

Today Gran Turismo 6 won a Gold Prize at the PlayStation Awards for selling more than 500,000 copies in Japan, but something was missing.
To be more precise, “someone” was missing, as Kazunori Yamauchi was nowhere to be seen.

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Forn1414d ago

That would be pretty dang sweet indeed.

Abriael1414d ago

Hopefully. I really, really want to play a Gran Turismo on PS4.

nX1414d ago

Oh yes, part of my wish list, we know it's coming :D

guitarded771414d ago

Please, please, please.... yes, yes, yes. As long as they don't take 5 years to release after announcing. GT is my favorite racing game, but they gotta get it to the people this time. The GT5 production took SO LONG.

Me-Time1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Only if a good steering wheel releases. One with a clutch pedal at a "reasonable" $300 USD.

Yahdaree1414d ago

It's kind of a reach to presume that is why he wasn't in attendance, but I hope that it's true...

Emrage1414d ago

I think this will be better than gamescom and e3 together but i wont hype it up or i will probaly be dissapointed but i hope it wont and i think it wont

tlougotg1414d ago

Being better than E3 isnt a big feat lol Tgs, Gamescom, etc were all better than E3 and Sony brought some good news.

Imo them showing UC4 alone and Bloodborn already makes it better than most shows and i have a feeling that at least 2 good unveilings will happy which will put it over the top for me.

slinky1234561414d ago

They seem to be bringing them out faster.
I really enjoyed 5, but felt no need to get 6.

ABizzel11414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I think that's how most felt. 6 came far too soon, they were still adding content to 5, when 6 was being announced.

The fact that it's a PS4 GT is what's going to carry it, but we shouldn't see another GT until much later in the year. IMO games are always better when you give the player enough time to miss the franchise. Not only will gamers miss it, but it also gives the developers more time to polish the sequel, improve all mechanics, and add new features / better story / etc...

2 years is ok, 3 years is perfect, 4 years is reaching torture XD

yewles11414d ago

"they were still adding content to 5, when 6 was being announced. "

No they weren't, there was no more content added since the C7 Stingray '14, 4 months prior.

SoapShoes1414d ago

GT2 came out 2 years after 1. GT3 was one year after GT2. GT4 was 3 years after GT3. GT6 was 3 years after GT5. The only one that was long was GT5 which was 5 years but Polyphony made many games in between like GT PSP, Tourist Trophy, GT HD, and GT5 Prologue.

u4one1414d ago

oh dear god, please be true. ps4 needs a proper racer.

MSBAUSTX1414d ago

This game would definitely be welcome but needs to be better than 6. The competition is starting to pick up in the racing genre.

u4one1414d ago

agreed. in terms of consoles, gt was my favorite but it slowly got eaten away by forza which is now my go to console racing sim. i hope gt7 is amazing as i still have a soft spot for the franchise.

MrDead1414d ago

Forza is a very good racing game but GT is a far superior sim. GT gives its fans what they want, they don’t need to please the reviewers just the people that play it, you only need to look at the acclaim GT gets from racers and they racers that the game spawns to know Forza and GT are very different.

All_Consoles1414d ago

The competition already surpassed it years ago

ainTgoTTime2bleed1414d ago

Yeah, GT is way behind especially with those nice cardboard crowds....

All_Consoles1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yes, because you drive slow enough in those ps2 model cars in Gt to notice the crowd
And it's hard to hear them too over those leaf lower engines

Back-to-Back1414d ago

For a guy with the name All_Consoles, you sure sounds like a guy who wears XBOX pjs at night.

All_Consoles1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Backtoback, actually I'm a pc gamer but I own an Xbox, ps4, and wiiu

Anyone who has played both can tell you the last two gran turismo games are lacking in quality, and I'm sure project cars will surpass it as well

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The story is too old to be commented.