Blast from the past: Sega’s Dreamcast – innovative and influential

The Sega Dreamcast, the David of consoles. Some might wonder what a Dreamcast is, while others get all nostalgic when hearing the name.

Sega’s Dreamcast was the first sixth generation console to release back in 1999. Nintendo and Sony hadn’t released their new consoles (Gamecube and the PS2) yet and Microsoft was busy working on their first console entry – The Xbox.

Unfortunately Sega decided to pull the plug from the Dreamcast in 2001 after disappointing sales.

The console managed to sell more than 10 million units globally in it’s 2.5 years of existence. After this withdrawal Sega quit as console designer and became a third-party developer. Sega has been a shadow , a shell of it’s former self ever since.

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thrust1419d ago

Best console even so a head of its time!

3-4-51419d ago

Graphically Sega has always been ahead of the time.

Sega Gamegear released in 1991. It was a handheld with a colored screen.

Nintendo didn't get that until like 1999. They didn't need to because of the games library, but still.

Even the Arcade games Sega was pumping out in the 90's were a step above what other companies were putting out there.

* Sega's problem isn't creating new awesome original ideas.

It's taking their great idea, and not ruining it.

They end up ruining all of their own great ideas. Most likely some higher ups doing all the F ups.

SoapShoes1419d ago

A very close second to the PS2 imo. It only had two years but it was an amazing two years. I got one after they quit making them and got them for cheap! Sega was so much better than Microsoft, I wish they would come back.

Fireseed1419d ago

While I agree with the Dreamcast thing, Sega had a fall from grace that was entirely their own fault and did nothing to correct it at any point whatsoever.

If you need proof then just look at Sonic Boom

SoapShoes1419d ago

They've made lots of great games since the DC though. You have to remember not all of their games were great even when they made consoles but I understand they aren't up to their old standards. Sonic Boom wasn't made by Sega but it's sad they even let that through. I guess you have to after having spent money to fund it to try to get something back. :\

Sonic Colors and Generations were good. So were pretty much all of the handheld games.

Fireseed1419d ago

Nah back in the DC days Segas worst games were still pretty good or at least had a charm to them.

And I know Sonic Boom wasn't made by Sega...but letting that through just makes Sonic look even crappier than he already does. Generations started to recoup favor with people after how awful Sonic '06 was. They may have back a little bit of their investment, but come the next game no one is gonna give it a fair shake no matter how good it is so in the long run the screw themeselves.

tlougotg1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Sega consoles imo were so good and always loved the designs. Miss my Master system, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc..... Also Turbogrfx but that was nec lol


I loved Bonk and The Castlevania game it had. My brother owned Turbogrfx and i had Sega consoles but we shared but that was our console war lol We would stay talking crap about eachothers system but would always end up playing eachothers consoles. I spent so many hours playing Cosmic Fantasy on his Turbo too!!!!

RadApples1419d ago

Turbogrfx was awesome, Dungeon Explorer being my favorite by far. 5 player co-op, it was great.

SmokingMonkey1419d ago

I still laugh when I find a burned copy of Tony Hawk for the Dreamcast lying around.

RadApples1419d ago

My avatar has never been more relevant.

BTW if you haven't played a Dreamcast I highly advise you to, you can easily get one on Ebay for under $50.

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