Going Big: 10 Predictions for Sony’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas

CraveOnline: "On December 6th and 7th Sony will host PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. This is an event all about PlayStation, its ecosystem, and most importantly its fans. It is expected that exciting announcements will be made, and new footage will be shown. For PlayStation gamers it’s going to be a big weekend."

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remixx1161414d ago

I feel like Sony is gonna save the last guardian and gran turismo 7 for e3. Those announcements are to massive a weapon to bring to an event without any competition to aim it at so I'm not expecting them to be at PS experience.

If Sony was to reannounce agent and the last guardian as well as show gran turismo 7 gameplay and maybe announce dark cloud 3 and socom 2 HD remaster all in one event I think the earth would stop moving.

KwietStorm1414d ago

You could make the same argument that this is the perfect venue for it. Nothing like this has been held for a single platform before. All eyes will be on PlayStation, so you could ask why would they need to worry about the competition.

pivotplease1414d ago

I agree. Also, the PS4 has no need to aim at competition when it's on a whole other playing field.

breakpad1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

i want to see what Capcom has for the is hinted that has smthing exclusive with superb graphics (new numbered Mou hou or Dragons Dogma 2 will make me cry), also a Crash reveal would be a for the others i think they are expected and i m not so much excited...

Gamble201414d ago

Sony seems to be trying to turn this into their own major show. I think similar to when Apple or Google holds a special keynote. Basically, why would you want to go all out at E3, in the summer which is a dead season for games, when you can have your own platform exclusive convention and keynote right in the midst of the holiday season?

jb2271413d ago

Agent or some kind of analogue has to be a given at this point. I know a lot of people think Rockstar won't release a Sony exclusive ever again & that Agent is totally dead, but wasn't this a business deal? I don't remember the specifics (can anyone enlighten me?) but a Sony exclusive Rockstar game has to happen to fulfill that deal. The early rumors about a third party exclusive that will make gamers " rage" made me think of the Rage engine, so I'm guessing that we will finally see whatever Rockstars exclusive game will be. It would be amazing if we got Last Guardian at the show, but I'm kinda with you in thinking that might be something saved for E3...if the Experience only showcases a Rockstar exclusive and a bunch of new gameplay for the games already announced, that's enough to make for a huge, E3 level conference right some back for E3, Gamescom & TGS and Sony stands a real chance of completely dominating the gaming mindshare in 2015....can't wait to see what happens.

remixx1161413d ago

Plus David jaffe's game and capcoms will also be there I believe.

WeAreLegion1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Jaffe said his game has nothing to do with investigating the paranormal. Just to clarify.

Why is the Ratchet & Clank thing at a "Low" for likelihood? They have confirmed that it will be playable at the event.

remixx1161414d ago

I would love a klonoa 3, I'm probably in the minority here but klonoa 2 door to phantomisle is still one of my favorite ps2 games, it was like rayman mixed with Kirby crystal shards.

GameBoyColor1414d ago

whatever happens, they should give a shout out to guilty gear before it releases here. Would be amazing advertising for an amazing game

Agent_hitman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

My prediction about the upcoming games that would be revealed:

1. New God of War
2. UC4
3. The last Guardian
4. Mass effect 4
5. New Assasin's creed game
6. Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP
7. Silent Hills
8. Tekken 7
9. Summer Lesson (Project morpheus)
10. New Twisted metal
and many more.. Though I have a feeling that Namco Bandai, Square Enix or maybe Konami will reveal a new IP or game on the event.

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