Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Review – Deforrestation | The Koalition

The War of the Five Kings in Westeros made a volatile continent erupt into chaos. King Robert Baratheon’s death caused much turmoil and there wasn’t a single House in the Seven Kingdoms which wasn’t affected in one way or another.

Telltale Games’ latest endeavor, Game of Thrones, deals with one particular House: House Forrester. The Forresters have been bannermen of the North’s ruling House, The Starks, for centuries. With the death of Eddard Stark and his heir, Robb, there is no one who can protect the Forresters from their age long enemies, House Whitehill, or for that matter, the North’s new ruling House: House Bolton.

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rbailey1413d ago

Now that I've finished The Walking Dead Season Two and The Wolf Among Us, I definitely will pick this and Tales From The Borderlands up next.