Four new hunters and three new modes have been unveiled for Evolve

The Gamer Headlines wrote: Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled four new hunters and three new modes for their upcoming monster slashing shooter Evolve. The four new hunters called Abe, Caira, Parnell and Cabot and each of them fit into the games trapper, medic, assault and support class. Meanwhile the three new modes are called Rescue, Nest and Defend and add a nice change of pace to the game.

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antz11041413d ago


Free dlc and waaaaay more content then I was expecting. Can't wait for this game.

MysticStrummer1412d ago

It needs new monsters more than new hunters.

1nsomniac1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Always nice to see that it still looks absolutely nothing like (graphically) the "real-time demo" we were shown played originally.

Come one devs, are we still doing this??

Clown_Syndr0me1412d ago

Unfortunately this game will never be as good as it should of been. Partly because of peoples play styles.
In a party of known players you may,have a better experience but pick up groups were pretty bad in the BETA.
Useless monsters, no teamwork, just matches that were a mess and over in minutes.