Watch video game devs, critics explain the invisible benefits of gaming while male

The latest video from Feminist Frequency, a web series that examines representations of women in pop culture, tackles the tricky issue of male privilege in gaming.

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annoyedgamer1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Here we go again. These are no longer "gaming" posts they have evolved into liberal talk points directed at gamers. This cis white male argument is literally regurgitated onto every form of media...

I think it is time we consider banning this from N4G under the banner of being lame and duplicate since the "argument" brings nothing new to the table each and every time it is posted. To make it worse it is always from the same offenders Polygon, Twinfinite and Kotaku. It is not gaming it is politics.

360ICE1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Games aren't just products or toys anymore. They're culture. And with that comes politics. I'd rather approve good arguments from the other side for N4G, than report these stories.

On a sidenote, aren't 4 and 10 are basically the same thing?

annoyedgamer1414d ago

Fair enough so what off the duplicate argument? These are not new or revolutionary arguments...

360ICE1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Neither are the arguments made for why the holocaust happened, why global warming is happening (many of them, anyway) or why evolution is true. People disbelieve these things just the same, and having a steady flow of good arguments to counter people who haven't heard these arguments is healthy, even if the arguments are old.

It'd be a shame if good ideas could only be spread as long as they're new and revolutionary.

ChickeyCantor1414d ago

" And with that comes politics."

Politics come with everything. The problem however is the nonsense these sarkeesian spout.

360ICE1414d ago

Politics really doesn't come with everything. Politics can affect pretty much anything, but that doesn't mean everything involved politics.

Culture, however, is by and large a channel for people to spread personal thoughts, experiences and political views.

ChickeyCantor1414d ago

" Politics really doesn't come with everything."

How does it not?

Everything we create or do affects our society. Society and Politics are intertwined. Just because it's not in the big headlines when you watch your favorite news channel doesn't mean it's free of political disputes.

"Culture, however, is by and large a channel for people to spread personal thoughts, experiences and political views."

And no one is disputing that. But it's not the only way for politics to be alive.

360ICE1414d ago

I think you're missing the point.

First of all, when I say "and with that culture comes politics" doesn't mean that other things don't include politics. What I meant was that culture expression has become a highly politicized issue, compared to many other things (like toys). Obviously, what kind of toys we allow our kids, and stuff like that, are subject to politics too. But less so, than the inherit expression of ideas and views.

Furby, for instance, isn't mean to further any particular political view. But games has become a medium where it's possible to do exactly that.

That would have been a better for way for me to adress your argument in the first place.

BUT, since we've come this far:

Does politics really come with everything? Take the question "Is the earth round?". Is that foremost a political question? Nope. It's a scientific question. We deal with different questions in different reams. There are judicial questions, moral questions, political questions, scientific questions. None of these are isolated, and in some sense one might be able to argue that everything can be politicized, but that doesn't mean that everything inheritly brings politics with it.

If that makes sense.

ChickeyCantor1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

" It's a scientific question. "

And science also drives our politics and society. It's not so much the question " is the earth round?" that matters. But how we use this information to further our scientific studies. Which ultimately changes the way we build our society around it. You and I wouldn't be conversing right now if someone didn't question how we could send data over a current. Both our society would have looked completely different. This brings MANY political issues to the table. Discovering that the earth was round also changed the politics surrounding economics. So ditto on that Nope of yours.

"but that doesn't mean that everything inheritly brings politics with it.
It does. You're just insinuating that it doesn't hold merit or something because it's not as popular.

Let me clarify that I was responding to :
"Games aren't just products or toys anymore. They're culture. And with that comes politics."

Gaming has ALWAYS been under fire for political reasons. Way before we called it a "gaming culture". Whether it was for violence or the people claiming that it's killing their kids brains.

360ICE1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

So you are misunderstanding.

I did say "in some sense one might be able to argue that everything can be politicized", and that seems to be what you're arguing now.

Don't try to say that it's not so much the question that matters. The question was the crux of my example (in fact, it was my entire example), so it's the only thing that matters. If you want to put the question in a political context, that's fine, but that is by definition politicizing it. The qusetion itself is not of political character.

Then you argue that gaming has always been politicized. Which again, anything can be politicized, and that's not what I'm arguing against.

Here's my point: Space Invaders and Pac-Man didn't bring political issues to the table. They obviously existed within a political context and people took issue with different political aspects about these games and gaming in general, but the games themselves didn't bring, or intend to bring any political speech to the table.

Pac-Man is about setting a high score. To my knowledge the creators have never asserted any intent to express anything else. The Walking Dead makes statements about humanity and human morality under extreme situations, meant to inspire thought, much to the intent of the authors. That's (what I meant by) bringing politics to the table, as opposed to having it brought on you or brought onto a table where politics exist.

Hope I was able to explain it better this time.

Mr Pumblechook1414d ago

The reasons in the video were apparently written by Sarkesian's writing partner - but half of them sound like reasons you can't criticise her. Certainly anybody who does so, even in a respectful manner, is made a pariah by the established gaming press. Most of the hacks in the video demonstrate what is wrong in the industry.

I do think there should be more respect given to female gamers and there are plenty who are raising the issue like Indie Gamer Chick and Jennie Bharaj. But Feminist Frequency is so negative in tone and always attacking the people who love the hobby.

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Pandamobile1414d ago

Yes, let's ban this sort of content from N4G because you don't agree with it.

That seems perfectly rational...

LightofDarkness1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

90% of the news on this site isn't "new or revolutionary", let's ban all of that too, shall we? Every single "Why PS4 is Outselling Xbox One", "Why PC Gaming is Dead/Coming Back", "Why X is the Greatest Game of All Time" or any review of a game that has already been posted before by someone else; all of these would be banned under your criteria. All that would be left is dry information that barely warrants discussion other than "that happened, indeed." It would be the end of N4G.

I, for one, am happy that she's doing what she's doing. She is raising the level of debate surrounding gaming culture and this is a sign of the cultural significance that gaming has earned over the years. The level of discussion about gaming culture has become far more serious and important over the last few years, which is a GOOD thing. We are finally at such saturation that people from every walk of life are gaming and want to be represented in gaming. The stereotype of the nerdy, basement dwelling neck-beard gamer is dying, and now the gamer is literally anyone. Including her. The only reason why people here seem so angry about all of this is because you can't argue against her. You don't know enough about the topic to argue or debate on her level and her presence may beget change, and your knee jerk response is simply to silence her and pretend she's irrelevant. Well here's the newsflash, folks: she's relevant. VERY relevant. Far more relevant than you right now, so you'd better up your game and start actually debating her in earnest without attacking her and feminism or you will lose. Them's the facts. She's not going to go away and hiding under a pile of blankets until it all blows over is not going to work this time. Sending her death threats and generally behaving exactly like a misogynist is only going to strengthen her position. If you want to fight her, start fighting. Don't come up with excuses about why you don't have to or how you should get your mommy involved.

Amuro1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Lol at Tom Mschea (1:05) lying to help push the agenda. Users at Gamespot hated him so bad he was fired. He was always rating games based on political correctness and many even questioned his gaming credentials for what he said about Zelda Skyward Sword and The Last of Us.

An example:

Roccetarius1414d ago

And here i thought we got rid of him for good...Tom was definitely one of the people dragging Gamespot down.

donwel1414d ago

Which considering how shit gamespot is anyway is an achievement in itself

ChickeyCantor1414d ago

This whole thing is just hilarious. They are projecting so much. It also just seems to be a delusion cooked up in the USA.

mhunterjr1414d ago

There's no way the mustache on #12 is real

WeAreLegion1414d ago

Dear Polygon,


Actual gamers

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