Rumor: Firmware 2.40 - Minor Messaging Improvements

With all these big new exciting features coming, sometimes it's important to know the small things which you dont know about. Our insider source has informed us that the message size limit has increased significantly meaning you can send larger files via attachments to your friends. Another improvement is there is an increase in the amount of messages you can hold before they have to be deleted. Both of these features may be useful for people who constantly send messages between people via PSN.

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PoSTedUP3766d ago

i hope theres video chat too man.

DavidMacDougall3766d ago

aint there already video chat ?

eagle213766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Check out the "PS Eye" video presentation on the Store bro. :)

heyheyhey3766d ago

anyone know if you'll be able to do that in-game?

Tomdc3766d ago

this is good 4 me! i cant send pictures from my digital camera on PS3 messages at the moment cos they're to high a quality

aaquib53766d ago

You can't video or audio chat during gameplay. Firmware 2.40 does NOT bring in-game chat.

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Arsenal4Ever3766d ago

Thats good. Currently you can only hold up to 200 messages before they are deleted. It may not be necessary for everyone but for me it is becuase I have recieved about 2500 messgaes since January 24th 2008.

I have a 46 real life friends though. It's hard to believe I know.

heyheyhey3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

mate you need to stay in more and lose some friends lol

bubbles for being a gooner by the way :)


he was ok- but it's nice to know your team houses a champion :)

annoying thing is though- the scousers house THREE!!! well, two actually considering Reina just sat there picking his nose

PimpHandHappy3766d ago

if you have a cam

i know one dude that did it in a chat room. I dont own a cam for my PS3 so i didnt do it myself

but yea

they have video chat...maybe not cross game but its there 4sure

DavidMacDougall3766d ago

Did what in a chat room ? lol

earthdome3766d ago i can send chain letter..


nice improvements!

Pornlord3766d ago

How large are the attachments gonna be? I would like to send my music to friends. (And before anyone on here starts screaming copyright infringement, I own the rights to the songs).

heyheyhey3766d ago

dude no-one cares anymore.....

who actually pays for music nowadays?

Drekken3766d ago

I hope it is big files, but if I recall correctly you can only access your pictures. The one time I tried to send a pic it was too big... Hopefully they let you send songs/videos too!

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The story is too old to be commented.