The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Knights of the Nine Review

Oblivion divided opinion. Released in March to rapturous applause, it seemed as though Bethesda had driven Western RPG standards to new heights. Presented with a seemingly overwhelming array of choices, dwarfed by an enormous land to explore, besotted by lavish detail and beauty - Oblivion appeared to be the Goliath we'd been waiting for. Critics opened their arms and welcomed what they saw as the first of the truly next-generation games.

Yet it seems one person's selling points were another's drawbacks. Overwhelming choice was narrowed to dull repetition, vast lands became laborious obstacles, and beauty was criticised for her performance. Apathy soon crept in, attentions turned elsewhere. Could it be that this pinnacle of gaming lacked the depth to engage, was it guilty of having no soul?

Last Wednesday heralded the release of Bethesda's largest downloadable content addition to the game so far. Umaril, an ancient Ayleid Sorcerer-King, seeks vengeance upon the Gods who banished him to the planes of Oblivion thousands of years ago. For 800 Microsoft points you must heed the call to help, seeking out lost relics of the Divine Crusader to help you vanquish this otherworldly evil for eternity. Just a normal day in Tamriel, then..

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Maybe TES: 5 will have a new job system. Say for instances a Huntsman class were you hunt, trap, fish etc... for food to eat-sell. You use the fur to make clothes the bones for tools or weapons . Every night you can make camp or setup a permanent camp-settlement were you can sell-trade goods, something like that to keep the game fresh . Just a thought . What do you think ?