Nintendo Wii U error codes bricking systems, Nintendo investigating issues

Recently, there have been numerous reports of memory-corrupting error codes affecting the Nintendo Wii U, rendering the console unusable.

At the time the error codes were (inaccurately) attributed to the recently released Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

One error code in question, "160-0103," states the following:

"There is a problem with the system memory. For help, make a note of the error code and visit"

A related code error, "160-1710," occurs even when in the Nintendo Wii U's Data Management menu, which ultimately requires sending the system back to Nintendo for repair.

Essentially, the error codes result in a loss of system functionality (lovingly known by gamers as "bricking the console.")

As previously mentioned, the error codes initially seemed to be caused by Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. However, it appears that Super Smash Bros. is not the sole culprit of the aforementioned error codes as they have been around since the system's launch 2 years ago.

Users have reported that other Nintendo Wii U games such as Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 have also caused the problem on some consoles. Early speculation puts the blame on faulty flash memory chips, however that claim remains unproven at the time of this writing.

Fortunately, Nintendo is now aware of the issue and has acknowledged that they are investigating the error code problems, saying that both error code 160-0103 and 160-1710 "could affect the ability of the system to function properly for a small percentage of consumers playing Wii U."

At this time, there is no known solution for the error codes. In the meantime, Nintendo is encouraging Wii U users experiencing them to contact the Nintendo contact center (1-800-255-3700) for help.

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DesertFoxJr2482d ago

Honestly, I'd be so pissed if I received either of those error codes, causing my Wii U to lose system functionality.

I need my SSB. And my Bayo 2. And my Mario Kart 8.

frezhblunts2482d ago

I havent heard anyone i know get it

Kurisu2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

What, the Wii U?

...I'm sorry, I went there. I've always wondered what it's like to be a troll. Am I doing it right? ;p

On topic, hopefully this isn't affecting too many people. I once had the YLOD on my PS3 so I can relate to the pain of a console bricking!

XboxOneX2482d ago

If my Wii U got bricked I would be very upset. I am loving playing Watch Dogs on it :)

NuggetsOfGod2482d ago

My wiiu wont play 3rd party games in the future.

Any word on a patch?

LOL_WUT2482d ago

If these errors have been around since the system launched why did it take Nintendo so long to finally investigate the matter? I hope this doesn't become more widespread and they fix the issue as Smash Bros is very addicting ;)

R00bot2482d ago

I don't think it is very widespread. You need some pretty specific circumstances and a faulty Wii U for it to happen.

I think it's only coming out now because Smash Bros. is getting new owners to buy the system.

DesertFoxJr2482d ago

I agree, SSB and Bayo 2 got many more people to buy a Wii U, therefore increasing the chances of getting either error code.

jakemail2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

This doesn't mean the error was always there they may have created it with one of their updates, this is most likely what happened since there wasn't any news of this before until now.

wonderfulmonkeyman2482d ago

There actually were reports of it before now, but it's just so rare that it was never mentioned.
I think it's being brought up now because some jack-ass saw it as the perfect opportunity to try and pin the blame for it on Smash Bros, like in an earlier article that blamed it entirely on Smash.

DesertFoxJr2482d ago

While the issue may be rare, word of mouth news spreads quickly, most likely causing Wii U owners to become paranoid of the possibility of it happening to their system.

N4g_null2481d ago

Just updated. No bad ram here.

wonderfulmonkeyman2482d ago

It's because the error is an incredibly rare one.
It's happened across multiple titles, but the number of times it's actually been reported is less than 20, from my understanding.

inStereo2482d ago

Less than 20 out of what, 2,000,000 units sold? So... around .001% of users are affected? GET ON THIS NOW, NINTENDO!

Gamer7772482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

2014 seems to be cursed so many of the biggest games of this year having issues.

Xof2482d ago

I have a hard time believing its a common problem. I've never so much as even heard, secondhand, of a Nintendo console breaking.

Pyro2000x2482d ago

Wii U is still some $H!T 2 years later.

PS4 is Killing the Wii U.

deafdani2482d ago

Sales wise, yes.

Games wise, the PS4 isn't anywhere close to the Wii U at the moment, especially on the exclusive games side.

iplay1up22482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

PS4 may have the sales, but Wii U has way more games that I am personally loving, and playing at the moment. 9/10 of my game time right now is on Wii U, the rest PS4.

Of coarse I have to add I am also playing Darksiders 2, because I never had any interest in it, but I saw it on eshop for $9.99 and thought what the heck, it reminds me of Zelda, which I love. I wish I had picked it up 2 years ago on PS3, but did not think it looked that fun, I was wrong.

So between Bayonetta 1&2, Mario K8+DLC, Darksiders 2 and my hunt this pas week for a physical copy of SSB, my PS4 has not even been on in over a week.

Also I have to say the only issue I have had with any home Nintendo console was, my Disk Drive went out after 5 years on my old Wii. My other 4 consoles all still worked till I chose to retire them.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2481d ago

Yet the PS4 doesn't even have any original exclusives that GOTY quality.

The Last of Us remaster doesn't count.

N4g_null2481d ago

Hold up the ps4 is killing it. Look at those beautiful games and network you paid good money for yet they don't work lol. It sucks to be a ps4 gamer right now. The drm excuse of a bug is cool also. Not even ms got away with this much crap. How is that ps eye working out for you? Oh you don't have one? Me neither sony support sucks and I'm sure their console will need to be replaced in two years time also.

Boy has sony fallen. I'm actually thinking about skipping the ps4. I've owned all sony console and I think the ball has been dropped. It's easy to trick kids but it's insulting adults are falling for this.

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