The Division Shows Off Their NPC's and Weapons; Short Fan Film In The Works

Take a look at Tom Clancy's: The Division's character models, including the NPC's you'll be running into on the streets pf New York City. Plus, weapons and the living, breathing world of The Division. And finally, Logan Fulton is hard at work on a short film for the open world online RPG.

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ScorpiusX1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Day one buy , looks sweet as hell.
@thanhgee nothing wrong with that, am just to inpatient to wait . Lol

thanhgee1413d ago

I'll probably wait for the reviews since Ubisoft is developing it.

Perjoss1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

They obviously have talented people working at their studios, so imo there is 1 simple solution to all their problems: give the developers enough time to finish the games they are working on, and a some decent time to work with Q&A testers to make sure things work correctly.

Most big budget games take around 2 years to make, I'm not sure why Ubi thinks they can churn things out every 12 months...

edit: hire a couple of new games designers, there's gotta be more ways to open up a map than climbing a tower and then jumping into hay / sliding down a zip line.

1413d ago
averagejoe261413d ago

You should be wary of day 1 purchases. Haven't you learned anything? ESPECIALLY with this being a UniSoft game.

ShowanW1413d ago

he cut over to Destiny... lol...

does thrown you off for a sec..

ShowanW1413d ago

I'm gonna look at the Division with VERY VERY low expectations...

Don't care how good it looks...

1413d ago
Enyxodin1413d ago

Nothing new here! Whats up with that guy talking in the video? He calls everything amazing lol...

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