Eurogamer - The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

So many games fail to live up to their promise, but The Crew may be one of the first to struggle to live up to its own name. Ubisoft's newly released driving game takes its title from the ability to form squads of friends to drive around the vast, open-world digest of America that developer Ivory Tower has created. It's a feature introduced in a day one patch, and - some 24 hours after the game's launch - it's one that remains temperamental at best.

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jackanderson19851416d ago

a Ubisoft game broken???? Never i don't believe it... they'd never release an unfinished/broken game guys would they??? guys??? guys?

Volkama1416d ago

Not only that, the game "takes its title from the ability to form squads of friends to drive around".

Curse confirmed. Never name your driving game around social functionality.

jackanderson19851416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

i think it's hilarious that crew forming came a day after the game launched ha it's almost like someone said after the game went gold "ah feck we forgot the crews in The Crew, ah sure it's grand no-one will notice"

@gamegenieny i suppose that is possible yeah but EG are saying that the crew making is still a bit shoddy and it's evident in their "Let's Play" video

gamegenieny1416d ago


I'm starting to believe that functions like this are being held out on purpose to patch in day one to "troll" pirates. If it takes a legit copy to get the patch, pirates are missing parts of games. Wasn't this done recently by some dev ?

Kingthrash3601416d ago

Clearly..... UniSoft is in its down swing ..
On my "don't buy any games from them, likely incomplete" list.
2014, what a disaster year in game development. Is it lazyness, overwork, or deadlines? ...I say all above.

freshslicepizza1416d ago


i doubt the game will ever get a proper pirated copy since its an online enabled game.

these games have to do a much better job if they are going to go the route of online only. the division is no doubt going to suffer too.

N4g_null1416d ago

This is stealth drm. Development and publishers wanted ms tried it and Sony trolled us. Now ubisoft is taking it in to their own hands. Alot makes sense now.

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Godz Kastro1416d ago

I just am at awe at how ubi went from studs to duds. Totally worries me that the division is in their hands. They really need to take a step back and check themselves before they wreck themselves.

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-Foxtrot1416d ago

"but packed with potential"

Isn't every game packed with potential...whether the game does it is up to the developers.

CocoWolfie1416d ago

potential sounds like well... it couldve had it, but... so XD

3-4-51416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

These publishers pressure the dev's into getting their game out faster than it should be.

They sacrifice their companies integrity just for the quick dollar.

Take your time....make the games epic not forgettable.

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Blues Cowboy1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I think that a lot of people aren't making it past the word "broken." The article is actually pretty upbeat and positive about the core of the game.

For the record I'm disappointed by The Crew because of its pointless storyline and awful characters KILLING MY FUN, but I do feel sorry for the devs, who worked on this for years and are now being hammered due to their publisher's idiotic and terrible recent
decisions rather than the game being judged on its own merits.

uth111416d ago

I'm seeing lots of positive user reviews for this game on Steam and a few on Amazon. It sounds like it has fewer issues than the other big recent Ubisoft releases.

Ps4andxb11416d ago

"social" games suck tbph.

Give me a great single player game with a fun multiplayer part to it.

"plugging in" to other people is more hassle than its worth and just isnt fun.

I enjoy controlling my own game, not other people.

Volkama1416d ago

Why does a great single player game have to have a fun multiplayer part (or vice versa)?

I say just give me a great game. And charge me a fair price for whatever content is included.

MaxwellBuddha1416d ago

"social games suck..."

"give me multiplayer..."


Ps4andxb11416d ago

How was you ever born?


ctorretta1416d ago

Wasn't the lead of The Crew just talking about how confident they were of the game's launch stability?

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