30 Years of Naughty Dog Games: Looking Back

By Evan Wells: "Though Naughty Dog is celebrating its 30th anniversary, we’re also excited to have been along on PlayStation’s twenty year ride that they’re celebrating this year. In fact it was developing for PSone that had Naughty Dog hire its first employees — for the first ten years it was just our co-founders Jason and Andy doing all of the art, programming, and design themselves. Oh, how times have changed"

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DarkOcelet1417d ago

You guys are the best. Their games has this kind of a certain charm you wont find it anywhere else. Damn, i will get Ps3 just for Uncharted trilogy and The Last of us and God of war collection, Resistance trilogy,Mgs4, Heavy Rain, exclusive jrpgs and more. Even though the X360 was awesome but nothing can beat the exclusives of the Ps3. Hopefully we see more awesome IP's this gen.

smoothdude1416d ago

Zelda used to be my favorite game franchise, but now it is Uncharted (Haven't played Last of Us yet). Naughty Dog has consistently produced some of the highest quality games and I look forward to playing more of their games in the future!

Drithe1416d ago

Hi. Can I be more of a Sony bot? To even compare Uncharted to Zelda is absolutely pathetic. Uncharted and The last of us are hands down some of the most overrated games ever made. Wanna know what game sold more than The last of Us and Uncharted on the ps4?

Destiny. The greatest fps ever.

Oh well. Let us read about how super great these games are by Sony bots and ND employees masking around as gamers.

End of line.

Foxhound9221416d ago


What side of who's bed did you wake up on today little guy? Don't like the games? Take your opinion elsewhere.

remixx1161416d ago


Well seeing as though the last of us was a better game than Loz skyward sword, at least in my personal opinion, I do believe they can be compared.

Skyward sword was a barely par Zelda game, which is still higher quality than most games nowawadays, tlou was just better.

smoothdude1415d ago

@drithe, my statement was not a comparison of Zelda and Uncharted. It was a statement that I enjoy playing Uncharted more than I do Zelda. So I play more than one genre, boo hoo get over it. I still love Zelda and I will buy it for the Wii U, but Uncharted has adventure, treasure hunting, shooting and a very strong story and cast. You can't tell me that your favorite game has never changed?!?

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medman1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I appreciate the brilliance of Naughty Dog because they are one of the very few in the entire entertainment industry who always seem to manage the proper blend of storytelling, character development, and superb action set pieces. They are the masterclass in game development at the moment, and I would say really across the entire spectrum of entertainment they really have no equal in my eyes.

P.S. - my eyes are pretty sharp.
P.P.S. - @drithe...I played the Destiny demo. I couldn't even finish it, it was so drab and formulaic. It truly is the least common denominator development..rinse repeat gameplay, with no character development and not story. The developer basically says "Here stupid. Point gun. Shoot. Shoot again. The end." Cavemen would enjoy it, those with a more refined palate prefer something a bit more engaging. Come out from your dimly lit cave and see the light son, you're drowning in mediocrity.

Walker1417d ago

Crash bandicoot has returned to his home

sin72791416d ago

the best developers ever!

chrissx1416d ago

30years of nothing But awesomeness. The crash bandicoot series, Jak&daxter were super. Uncharted, totally amazing. Thanks for the experience Naughty dogs

nix1416d ago

Congrats ND. all the best too.