LittleBigPlanet 3 Latest To Suffer Significant Launch Problems

It seems that Sony has another title filled with problems on its hands. After the disastrous launch of Driveclub (a game that is still not functioning at 100 percent), Sony has issued another title that doesn’t fulfill promises.

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Immorals1420d ago

Hasn't this game been out a while now? First I've heard of any issues!

FriedGoat1420d ago

There's issues, Mainly to do with online. I've had it crash a fair few times.

Immorals1420d ago

They should get the cast to do an audio error message. That'd take the sting away!

Volkama1419d ago

At this point maybe it makes sense to start writing articles when games launch without issues. Those seem to be the exception at the moment.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1419d ago

Let's see what today's new patch covers.

Kivespussi1420d ago

IGN did reduce the game's score by quite a lot because of the problems it had. Its just that the people, unsurprisingly, started bashing IGN because of the lower score than what most sites gave the game and the review wasn't taken seriously by most people.

cemelc1419d ago

No, the backlash against ign was cos they gave a free pass to AC U mentioning that had bugs but not docking as they should at the end, while lbp had as the prime factor for docking points bugs, i was at that forum bashing them.

DanielGearSolid1420d ago


its 12/3 and youre just now talking about launch problems?

Could not be THAT significant

EinRobot1420d ago

Have you played the game? The issues exist and they are fairly significant. Still a great game, but it needs to be patched.

pivotplease1420d ago

It's true. I've been playing mostly offline because online wasn't working so well for me. I've still had to re-do two levels because of bugs though. Kind of annoying but the game is still phenomenal and a more polished product than Unity.

DanielGearSolid1420d ago

I own the game....

And I can honestly say I've only run into minor bugs so far

SoapShoes1420d ago

Yes and they are not significant or game breaking. Annoying however, hardly what this is making it out to be.

Bennibop1420d ago

I own it also and have only come across minor bugs also.

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cruzngta1420d ago

Why are sonys exclusives having these issues anyway? They make the best games and I am finding this and Driveclub's problems ridiculous already. I think too much focus is put on online portions of games and then the base code of the game suffers - these required day one patches are a pain already too. Heres an idea for the devs : Ship the game complete on disc day one!!! Not half ass it and dowload the day one patch to work out any launch bugs bullshit they seem to keep giving us instead.

pivotplease1420d ago

I'm hoping for redemption with U4 and Bloodborne. The Order seems like more of a gamble because it's their first non-portable game. Could go south, but they still have time and the footage looks like amazing.

vikingland11420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )


It's not only Sony's exclusives that are having launch problems.

This new gen needs to get a handle on launches. And I'm confident that they will as they get more familier with these consoles.

medman1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

I never thought I would live to see the day when patch became a dirty word. I feel much shame. But some of these incompetent developers should feel much greater shame. I understand budget and time constraints, and the pressure to get the game out for the holidays, but it does these companies no good to release a broken product. What you break is consumer trust, and the people who spend money to buy your products may be so turned off by the experience they refuse to buy any of your products in the future. Fix your games, please!!

N4g_null1419d ago

It's starting to look like a sneaky form of drm. Break your game then the bootleggers have to connect to the internet. This sort of explains why 3rd parties won't make wiiu games because wiiu gamers won't tolerate the drm patches.

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WeAreLegion1420d ago

I hate that it's broken because it's a phenomenal game, apart from that. I still can't use the popit without five seconds of lag. -_-

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