Megaman 9 going cross-platform DLC

With all three present gen machines offering downloadable content now, no game has made it across Xbox Live, PSN, or WiiWare simultaneously...until now. Capcom is making an assault on the trio by releasing Megaman 9.

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jkoz3760d ago

Sweet. I'll be picking this up on 360 definitely, and probably Wii. If they give it Trophy support on PS3, hell I might get it there too. I loves me some Megaman.

KrisXX3760d ago

was planning on getting it for Wii, but if its coming to 360, will get it for the achievements instead.

Odiah3760d ago

Erm, there was never any confirmation for PS3 and Xbox. And the claims that they're making a new "NES game" aren't doing much in those consoles' favour.