GameSpot PlayStation Firmware 2.40 Preview

GameSpot writes:

"We met up with Sony last Friday to get a preview of the upcoming Firmware 2.40 update for the PlayStation 3. Eric Lempel, Sony director of PlayStation Network Operations, gave us a quick tour of the new firmware features."

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Time Lord3789d ago

Gaming has changed. It's no longer about fun, challenges, or storytelling. It's an endless series of point whoring done by gamers on machines. Gaming - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine.

Gaming has changed. ID-tagged gamers play on ID-tagged consoles, use ID-tagged accounts. Specifications inside their save files enhance and regulate their rewards. Trophy control. Gamerscore control. Parental control. Region-specific differences control. Everything is monitored and kept under control.

Gaming has changed. The age of next-gen promises has become the age of control... All in the name of averting catastrophe from casual gaming and waggle. And he who controls the most features... Controls the console war.

Gaming has changed. When the consoles are under total control... ...Gaming becomes routine.

Vojkan3789d ago

get a life...seriously

Meus Renaissance3789d ago

Post Of The Month. Rotflmao. Bubbles up man

Mr_Showtime13789d ago

pity SOME people wont have the sense to know what you are talking about

Time Lord3789d ago

IT WAS A JOKE, if you played MGS4 you would've of got it. but clearly not.

achira3789d ago

awesome post! Vojkan you havent played mgs4 ? hmmm...

jlytle12343789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


Pornlord3789d ago

Nice one, you really should get out more though, that must have taken some time :) But I guess you are time lord, so I suppose you do have the whole "Lord of Time" thing going for you, keep up the good work, and nice post.

"Lord of Porn"

wolfehound223789d ago

lol that was good. Defiantly will probably go over some peoples heads though.

kazuma3789d ago

lol awesome thumbs up

DrakenSilverwing3789d ago

And its all true..LOL..i needed a good laugh, thank you.. Bubbles!!

meepmoopmeep3789d ago

MGS quotes never get old.

hahha.. love it... the cool thing is this quote can apply to almost everything... maybe it's a plot by The Patriots... o_O

thor3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Can we make it so on n4g when you type "patriots" it's replaced by "la-li-lu-le-lo" lol

Bigbangbing3789d ago


Realy WOW that was one of the best post....


meepmoopmeep3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

you see, i'm like (edited for spoiler)... i'm an elite patriot so no word filtration in my nanomachines... muahahahahhaha! :P

but i like your idea, they need to update JD to control N4G too!

CaptainHowdy3789d ago

eventhough u changed up some of the lines, it fit perfectly. very creative....and true!

liquidsnake3789d ago

hahahaha that was really funny :D

DarthTigra 3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

yo i would give you infinte bubbles if i could you killed
that lmao

heyheyhey3789d ago

err you guys realize Time Lord didn't make this? it was made ages ago by some website (might have been Sarcasticgamer)

but what the hell- have a bubble Time

Madgunner3789d ago

quit being a hater... MGS... send my spirits soaring to the skies

Tomdc3789d ago

I disagree with you Time Lord.

Its a feature brought about by demand and its not compulsory.

I applaud you in the way you presented your argument though, well done =) but I believe this gen to be superior to the last and many people like such features.

@ 1.3

"pity SOME people wont have the sense to know what you are talking about"

Stupid thing to say, your basically trying to insult people that disagree before they even have. I respect his opinion and see the sense in what he is saying but I disagree.

JIN KAZAMA3789d ago

You are an A-Grade A-HOLE!!
Awesome post Lord.

interrergator3789d ago

i am impressed by sony there finaly gettin caught up wit microsoft

gaffyh3789d ago

Lol. Hilarious comment, bubbles to you

Irving3789d ago

It would be nice if you actually credit the guy on neogaf who actually wrote this para in their MGS4 thread.

Marceles3789d ago

lol great post...but gaming did come with high scores at the beginning, then for the next few gens it was lost, and now it's back :). And I think this will at least give PS3 more of an even playing field in the multiplatform department...other than the media trying to say the 360 version is better because of only achievements.

Figboy3789d ago

that was brilliantly played, and kind of freakishly relevant. i think i'll crawl under my bed and play my NES. that's not ID controlled is it?

rowdy 13789d ago

nice Time lord. I feel like I,m playing MGS4 all over again

tweaker3789d ago

I read that on Neogaf.

Elimin83789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

How long did it take you to come to that conclusion or in you case assumption.. Nice one anyway. Bubble Up....

ajeben8093788d ago

give that man a bubble!

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Mr PS33789d ago

It could be worse
Your Xbox could be at the repair shop
Oh sorry most of your Xbox's are at the repair shop
Never mind Xbots your ass has been getting a King sized Kicking all year
You'd think we would get sick of rubbing it in
But we aint
Your Xbox is Now Offically DEAD
And i hate to say i told You so
But I told you so

DavidMacDougall3789d ago

If you bought a car and the tyres kept falling off why the **** would you but another , i never got it ?

Amsterdaam3789d ago

Have fun with your achievement points... and you guys say that Xbox copies PS3? LoL

xboxftw3789d ago


We'll keep buying the same car cuz it gives us pleasure to use and does what a car is supposed to. on the other hand why would people buy a POS fake car which is more expensive but has pedals to make it work and most of the time you can't even reach the destination.

DavidMacDougall3789d ago

I can get you like it, thats up 2 you but , when i buy something i put it where its going to sit for the next couple of years and it entertains me , not burn my ****ing house down !!

And how is the ps3 fake i dont get it ?

"most of the time you can't even reach the destination"

My ps3 aint broke ever , RROD is that you cant reach the destination , think you got mixed up there ?

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Booourns3789d ago

Bubbles for Time Lord indeed. That was brilliant!

Anyway props for GameSpot for having "The Artifacts" as one of their in game music selections. Boy do I miss good hip hop music from the 90's

kazuma3789d ago

well to be honest i think they didn't make the video, if you go check the same video on 1up or the playstation blog or probably ign it's gonna be there, and the same albums. that's just the video sony probably distributed.

Booourns3789d ago

Well whoever it was that has the Artifacts, may it be Sony or any other gaming blog/site should get mad props! I wish GTA 4 can have custom soundtracks so I can make my own Classics station (even I love DJ Premiere)

King_many_layers3789d ago

are their previews and such always done in such a dull un inspired tone.

Not sure why, but it really did just seem like they were forced to write it. Like a child who has to write an article in school, but does not want to.

Time Lord3789d ago

IGN had 3 pages of what exactly your getting (and no getting) with 2.40 updates, with their editors impression. Gamespot has been going downhill for while now.

Raoh3789d ago

that was great Time Lord