Turtle Rock Unveils Evolve Campaign Type Mode Evacuation

Turtle Rock has unveiled a new campaign type mode called Evacuation. It will be five rounds, taking place over 5 game days with each victory adding a new element to the next round and over 800,000 possible combinations.

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MSBAUSTX1420d ago

This has the potential of being super sweet. I would love to see a Campaign that involves intense monster fights like I have seen so far and a Co Op option. Developers are starting to leard that a large amount of people want at least some campaign or single player / Co Op mode instead of always online competitive multiplayer. Hopefully this game has both in spades.

The_Kills1419d ago

What are you talking about dude? Do you know the basic premise of the game?

MSBAUSTX1419d ago

My point is that I would like to see developers go back to focusing on the deep aspects of single player campaign and depth of story rather than do it lackluster and focus mainly on the multiplayer aspects of a game. This game seems to have the stage set for both to be great. Something a lot of FPS games lack these days.

slate911419d ago

The forced campaigns of the most popular shooters say hello. Outside of titanfall/counter strike where are there no campaigns?!

lonelyplayer1419d ago

It'll fail like titan fall because of the lack of content.... Just saying