22 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm screenshots have posted 22 screenshots of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is a PS3 exclusive fighting game, check the screens out.

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Cartesian3D3766d ago

the one and only Naruto game that I CANT wait to play..

( I liked the 360 version Artstyle and design, but the battle system and graphics in this one is just OUTSTANDING )

here you are Naruto fans .. (GOD I love cellshaded games, this one is the BEST :P )

Blademask3766d ago

The visuals look like a real damn cartoon. Looks like they can wrap up cell shading, these guys just perfected it.

games4fun3766d ago

i'm not a big fan of naruto i think its alright, but i plan on maybe buying this game just because of how seamless and perfect the fighting system is and the cell shading that rivals the actual anime drawings

achira3766d ago

looks awesome. i think i am the only one who didnt watch the anime ?