This PlayStation 4 Theme Will Make You Nostalgic, Has The Original PS One Startup Sound

GB: "Its been 20 years since the original PlayStation was released way back in 1994. In order to celebrate this occasion, Sony have released a special 20th anniversary PlayStation One theme."

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BigBosss1469d ago

okay that gave me goosebumps! Felt so good! Good old PS1 days!

gameseveryday1469d ago

Indeed. Let us hope that a fix can be found for the overlapping log in music. It will be perfect then :P

jspsc1231469d ago

i hate the overlap of login sounds. i wish it would just start out in the theme

LamboNexus1469d ago

you can change it! go to settings->sound and screen-> uncheck "key tone"

MRMagoo1231469d ago

The theme is pretty good but the title is odd , does it make no sense to anyone else " theme will make you make nostalgic" either I am missing something or people approved this without even reading the title.

ReconHope1469d ago

It's the Playstation One's Boot Up Sound.

1469d ago
Outsider-G1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

It's only on the Playstation EU Store right now so if you're in another region and download it, it's locked on other users except the user who downloaded it.

It's weird that the North American store has no Theme section. (EDIT: I notice themes are in Games > Extras)

Buck_Johnsin1469d ago

I have a theme section on mine.

BigBosss1469d ago

I am from Australia and it is out. You'll need to go to the PS store and download it from there. It's a static theme btw not a dynamic theme :)

1469d ago
MRMagoo1231468d ago

Every theme I get says static yet has moving parts, its odd. Though I would like to see what a dynamic theme looked like if the recent ones are static.

Hoffmann1469d ago ShowReplies(1)
DeadManMMX1469d ago

Ahhhh probably my favorite console of all time took gaming to another level for me. Ill never forget the feeling of jumping from super mario all stars and contra 3 to resident evil and final fantasy 7. *sigh* time flies.

123pol1469d ago

I dont like it, they should have replaced the ps4 sound not just added the ps1 one.

AlphaBlackWolf961469d ago

I think you're either too young to appreciate it or you're missing the point.

ReconHope1469d ago

I get what he's saying you should be able to replace the actual boot up sound. Does the theme happen everytime you press the playstation button. That could get annoying. But regardless still an eargasm to hear it.

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