Target is a disgrace for removing Grand Theft Auto V from sale on its shelves

MMGN: Despite finally having an R18+ rating, Australia has today become the laughingstock of the global gaming community.

Retailer Target has decided to stop selling the R18+ restricted Grand Theft Auto V -- a game it has sold for more than a year without incident -- because of a single, misguided complaint.

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Ol_Boy1420d ago

Wot a bunch o' wankers

Massacred1420d ago Show
bmf73641419d ago

They deserve a ripe rip-snotter they do, mate

ab5olut10n1420d ago

Oh well, let the morons ruin society. I'll be dead soon anyway.

2cents1420d ago

"Target says it pulled the game "following feedback from customers about the game's depictions of violence against women."

Go Feminism!!!


Ol_Boy1420d ago

Yeah and what about the depiction of violence against men? There's alot more of that in the game but what would they know? I doubt any of these people that complain actually play the game.

2cents1420d ago

Exactly! so many uneducated people who know nothing about games love to push their self developed and wrong opinions onto others. Politicians do it just before elections, the press do it to sell papers, the news does it to get ratings and some crazy people like Anita do it because nobody loves them.

This whole world seems to do nothing but b1tch, moan and complain.

Gaming has always been a great way to escape the constant onslaught of the real world.
Now this infection is reaching our beloved pastime and it really makes me mad.

Every other medium, books, film, art, all depict violence, hate, pain, misery, as well as love, beauty and peace but the new target seems to be us, the gamers and the games we play.

If a product has an enforced age restriction based on its content then there really should not be any reason to do this. It has already passed classification and has been on general sale for ages. Some people really need to get a life.

This sucks for the gamers and for Rockstar especially. One of the best selling franchises in the world has to put up with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and batsh1t crazy tree hugging feminazis.

rainslacker1419d ago

I shop at Target...not for games but for other stuff. Wonder if my feedback is important to them.

Maybe I should start a petition asking them to sell GTA5. Bet I'd get more signatures than the one asking them to stop selling it....the one that over half the signatures were people who just wanted to say how ridiculous the petition was.

kaozgamer1420d ago

meh. you can get it cheaper at bigw, dicksmith or jbhifi

Somebody1420d ago


There, I've done my part of the global gaming community to laugh at Target and their knee-jerk decisions.

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The story is too old to be commented.