New Too Human gameplay videos

Gamevideos has posted 4 new videos of Too Human.

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TheXgamerLive3859d ago

And it's going to be an obvious "win win" for anyone who's a fan of RPG's, and many who aren't yet.

The levels are incredible:)

ISA_Scum3859d ago

You are joking, right? That was some of the worst gameplay and some of the worst visuals I have EVER seen this generation of gaming.

Add that link to the list of why this game sucks. Seriously, they couldn't even get outta the opening cutscene without framerate drops, horrible character models and quirky animations. Too Human fails.

Fox013859d ago

seriously, I might pass on this one after seing the first gameplay footage.
I was really looking forward to this, but it doesn't really matter since they're lots of good great games coming out this year.

ASSASSYN 36o3859d ago

You are joking. I never had high expectations for this game. It looks like a hyped joke.

joeymoey3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

I had really low expectations for this and this is even worse than I originally expected. Much worse.

xhairs93859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

At 00:25 of Video 1 proves this game is crap.

This game seems like a baby from Phantasy Star + DMC4. DMC4 gameplay with Phantasy Star settings. However, did I mention this game looks horrible?

mikeslemonade3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

They should have stuck with unreal 3 because this game looks like crap. Some animations expecially that explosion in the first clip looks like a PS1 graphics animation. Not even PS2 that is pathetic.

incogneato3859d ago

you do mean epic failure right? i didnt think this game would be great but its even worse than i thought.

cito35th3859d ago

this is really bad
BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST 360 THIS ARTICLE GETS ON A 80-DEGREES? hmmm, i remember wen they criticized haze that sh!t was a major headline hmmm

Snukadaman3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

You have to be kidding right...I mean you are being facetious..just for comedic purposes right... when god of war 3 comes and has the same visuals...same game play...same sword chopping I expect people complaining to also complain how this game does not look next gen....I will admit im UNDERwhelmed with the graphics but if there is gameplay there like diablo 2 then I will be there online with 3 other people.

ISA_Scum3859d ago

Yikes, the Chargers fan there seems to have some issues with all my comments. You know what this game needs? Some of your linebackers steroids. Face it, this game is gonna flop as bad as San Diego in the playoffs every year.

With that outta the way, yes, this game looks worse than most everything i've seen this gen outside of some downloadable titles.

LastDance3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

"this game looks worse than most everything i've seen this gen"

Conflict: denied ops.

Snukadaman3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

I thought you was being a clown...thanks for that confirmation. As for the chargers...what do you know about cant even spell out applaud for crying out loud. And good god...i hope thats not you in your avatar...your one ugly chick.

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eagle213859d ago

It's like the art designer said, "Throw a polygon over there, throw one over here, throw some over"

There is not one model in those gameplay videos that looks finished. It's like they don't even care.

ISA_Scum3859d ago

If the gaming media somehow find a way to defend this crap you KNOW they're 360 supporters. This and the link I provided in the gamerzone basically show just how freaking horrible Too Human is turning out. Dear Lord, what were these guys doing for nearly a DECADE!!!???

Snukadaman3859d ago

9 years ago there was no xbox 360...back to mgs4 douchebags.

ISA_Scum3859d ago

Somebody needs to read up on the development notes. No, there was no 360 nine years ago, but it has been in development over multiple generations for that long. Get over it, your game's gonna flop as hard as the Chargers in the Playoffs.

Millah3859d ago

Hey clown, thats because this game originally started development on the Ps1, then the Gamecube, and finally the 360. So they really have been developing this game for ten years.

Obviously they need to create a new engine for the 360, but the basic idea and design has been in development since the Ps1.

So thats what they're talking about toolbag. Not sure where MGS4 was brought up, maybe just because you have the IQ of an ant and can't get into a game that actually requires thought.

Snukadaman3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

The game and the concept is 8 years old....but development on the xbox isnt 9 years old...are you all that dumb...I mean seriously.

-Maverick-3859d ago

No you're the idiot, as usual. This game SUCKS.

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CViper3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Even 3 years of development wouldn't explain this.

Jon86023859d ago

I cant believe this is so underwhelming. The different places in gameplay have a brown to it and it doesnt look good at all. the way he was slicing and dicing afterglow reminded me of legacy of kain:soul reaver. Which is probably way better than this. I expected alot from this game because they thought it had longevity and promise and I expected a chance of success...I think I was wrong. Oh and it would be amazing to have another "next gen" legacy of kain game, the story was amazing.

Dark General3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

A current Gen Legacy of Kain game would totally f***ing rock if they pulled it off the right way. Keep the story awesome and the gameplay awesome (more like Soul Reaver gameplay less like Blood Omen) and i'd buy it in a heartbeat. Hell even if it was Blood Omen 3 i'd probably still buy it in a heartbeat. Imagine what they could do with some of the dark gifts and environments with this gen's tech .

zapass3859d ago

watching this after diablo 3 is... so underwhelming...
it is really embarrassing for silicon knights... not even the same league...
blizzard must be laughing their heads off right now!

The gaming GOD3859d ago

But I hope nobody tries to tell me this is a "AAA" game. When I look at these gameplay videos I have to be honest here. Let me just say I don't see anything here that's going to make me put my money on this game.

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