Ubisoft’s business priorities are bad for business

MWEB GameZone writes: "It screams that Ubisoft is a business first, games creator second. We understand games are a business first, but that doesn’t mean we need to have that shoved in our face – especially when we’ve completed our part of that business by giving our money.

That is disrespectful to us as Ubisoft consumers."

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lord zaid1417d ago

"I hate these chests more than the floor through which Arno falls." - Classic

plut0nash1417d ago

Size is the problem more than anything else. Once your organisation grows to a certain size, you need to worry about profits / shareholders. Bad for the gamer.

HanCilliers1417d ago

One would think that because they have more resources they can produce better games

plut0nash1417d ago

Not at all. Throwing more resources at a project does not guarantee quality or innovation. Teamwork and mindset are far more important, as well as giving time to get results - and not pushing tight deadlines.

SonZeRo1417d ago

Sadly alot of companies do this, they see the $$ of now and ignore the $$ that they will be losing in the future as the here and now is more important than what happens in the long run, It's hard to fight that urge.

DesVader1417d ago

Its true that business priorities get in the way sometimes of delivering good games. At the moment, its Ubisoft, but last year it was EA with BF4. Lets just hope their execs are paying attention to what is happening. And I think I speak for a lot of gamers; Please don't destroy the franchises we have learnt to love because of base greed.

dreamed1417d ago

Expecting humans not to be greedy,is like expecting to live from a gun shot to the

HanCilliers1417d ago

But surely we can expect better business practice from them?

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