Should We Preorder Games?

With as many games releasing in broken, or sometimes unplayable states, does it make sense to continue pre-ordering, or buying games on Day 1? Is this pre-ordering culture healthy for gaming?

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TimeSkipLuffy1468d ago

It never made any sense to me to pre-order a digital game because you can always get it one day or week before in case you want to gain some extra pre-order bonus.
But it would make sense if the game would be a retail limited edition. Sometimes those editions sell out fast.

BlackOni1467d ago

Totally agree. Limited editions are as they say, limited. Makes total sense to preorder those :3

JimmyDM901467d ago

No. It's an anti-consumer practice. So much risk for very little reward. besides in this day and age there are some many avenues for buying games that you never have to worry about games being sold out.

Rimeskeem1467d ago

Disc, sure cause you can just say no to it and get you money back
Digital, no cause you can't get your money back or it's harder

Theyellowflash301467d ago

Games like Persona Q, Bayonetta 2, and Shin Megami Tensei IV? Yes

Games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed? No

jambola1467d ago

If you want to preorder games.....yes
If you don'

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