UK CHARTS: Super Smash Bros brawls its way to number one

MCV reports: Nintendo's light-hearted Wii brawler beats EA's Battlefield: Bad Company to the top of the UK charts

Mirroring its success in both the Japanese and US markets, Nintendo's Wii outing Super Smash Bros: Brawl has beaten off the competition this week to claim the number one spot in the ChartTrack All Formats Top 40.

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GVON3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

For all my love of metal gear, I think Brawls top position is undoubtedly justified, It's just pure class, there's so much hidden away on the disk, I won't even begin to write about it because I wouldn't be able to stop.

I've had a good few months gaming with some real quality spread between my PS3 and Wii, No More Heroes,GTp,UT3 (for the little it lasted)i'll put GTA 4 with that, Uncharted,SSBB,Mario Kart,MGS4 and with so much more to come it's a great year to be a multi format gamer.

Big Cojones3762d ago

No one cares about MGSIV.

Wow, with the release of the game in Europe, Brawl will pass the 7.000.000 copies sold WW pretty soon.

PS360WII3762d ago

Wow go Brawl and looks like a new shipment of Wii Fit came in.

JokesOnYou3762d ago

in the face of wii dominating everywhere, but 360 is doing fine there, no doubt with Battlefield: BC and Lego Indiana Jones at #2 and #3 respectfully 360 still continues to show strong software sells.


ChickeyCantor3761d ago

its not just the UK, Netherlands same story and this is not a 360 country its actually mixed