The Old City: Leviathan Review – A strange world needs exploring | Continue Play

In a world first, Continue Play's Oli Zimmerman reviews The Old City: Leviathan - a stunning and mind-bending adventure game from indie developer PostMod Softworks.

"The Old City: Leviathan is a dark and twisted slice of narrative-driven goodness. For the right person (I can’t stress this enough), it’s definitely something to try – if only to put your thinking cap on and play Sherlock to find out what’s going on in this strange place. I’ve played through a few times and I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on, but I think that’s okay: I have questions burning to be answered, and I can have them answered if I like. All I have to do is hop back in and try to make more sense of things.

And I honestly plan on doing that."

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