Has Nintendo Shunned the Hardcore Gamer?

With E3 around the corner, everyone can speculate all they want about what's really coming, but no one knows for sure. Nintendo needs to live up their word of satisfying the "core" gamer. Up until now, they've essentially left hardcore gamers on the back burner. Casual is what they're aiming for, but neglecting those who got you here won't help.

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fiercescuba3766d ago

I had to plug my wii in yesterday to make sure it still worked.

deeznuts3766d ago

My gf gave me her Wii (nobody plays it at her house, seriously, just a 360) and I rented SMG from gamefly. I was surprised, it was really fun ... until about star #8 or so. I just never got around to putting it back in. Not my cup of tea apparently, even though I can see how it's a good game.

Started MGS4 yesterday (was waiting for my stereo to come in, not playing that game on TV Speakers!). Rented no more heroes for the Wii, hopefully that'll keep me interested. If not, the Wii will go back to her house.

Mr_Bun3766d ago

Is that what that little white box thing is with the blue light? I thought I sold that thing.

fiercescuba3766d ago

wii still worked. i had my buddy send me a message so it would turn blue for awhile.

drunkpandas3766d ago

That's funny... I sent a few friends Wii messages just so they'd see it blinking blue and turn it on for once

ChrisGTR13766d ago

wow. i guess it was a good thing i didnt get one.

Booourns3766d ago

I dont think Nintendo really cares, the system is outselling both the PS3 and the 360. As long as they keep bringing in the dough, they will not care about the core gamer.

Shame too since it was the core gamer that brought nintendo up.

SaiyanFury3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

You, sir, could not be more right. They stuck it up the butt of the average core gamer, which is funny because Nintendo was one of the parent videogame companies that raised us core gamers. Now they all but completely ignore us and pander to the casuals and the core Nintendo audience.

TheFreak3765d ago

what do u expect?Nintendo has been overlooked by the core gamer for many many years now.since the playstation came to life.its not nintendo that has given up on hardcore gamers its hardcore gamers that has given up on nintendo.thats why they went a different way than ps3 xbox this year.But hey im a hardcore gamer and i play the wii and love it.....

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The story is too old to be commented.