'The Evil Within' - Did it reinvigorate Survival Horror?

So the dust has long settled after the post-hype of The Evil Within with it receiving a large number of good reviews. It was extensively hyped, given that survival horror had been on a downward slope in recent years, although certainly on its way back up now in some regards. So below are six factors in which The Evil Within excelled at and some it may have faltered in.

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ritsuka6661415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Nope... this title belongs for Amnesia: The Dark Descent raised the bar and showed everyone what could be done on a relatively low budget Survival Horror, but with lots of care and attention to detail for old scholl Survival horror fans.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

Amnesia , Outlast, five night at freddy were all great but honestly i want to be able to fight back in those kind of games and thats where games like TEW comes and i was not disappointed and i enjoyed it so much so i think in the end , this is what matters. Hopefully we get to see more of those games. And hopefully Silent Hills delivers.

s45gr321415d ago

I wholeheartedly agrespecially now with games like Among the Sleep and Enola. It also push mainstream game developers to finally make survival horror games again

Tzuno1415d ago

it did, with nothing new on the market it was a good experience.

gangsta_red1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

It was a very disappointing game in my opinion. Didn't like the pacing at all and I know it was from the guy who made Resident Evil and it showed. The later levels were nothing more than a RE: 4 rip off.

The story made absolutely no sense and the ending just made me scratch my head even more.

Maybe the sequel will be better.

@Dark Ocelet
Except this isn't RE:4, it's another game. If anything all this does is make it seem he's a hack that can't design any other type of game.

And if DLC is needed to make a story complete then that is even more of a hack filled job.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

Lol, you do realise that he was the one who made Re4 sooo how can he rip his own game :/. Either way i think the story will make since when the Dlc come out.

AudioDop31415d ago

This game was really good, I think it did

1415d ago
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