Far Cry 4 Xbox One Review - Total Xbox

Total Xbox:
"Or you might fight to the death with a rhino that doesn't like the look of you, or infiltrate an outpost that's under the control of Pagan Min, Kyrat's pink-suited psychopathic ruler. The moment comes to an end, the clock resets, and in less than half a minute the cycle repeats.

Far Cry 4 wants to keep you moving and motivated. Running down the road and need a vehicle? No problem - a friend or foe's bound to drive past, or you'll see something lying on the side of the road that you can ride, drive or fly. Even if you choose the 'fast travel' option, where you magically whisk yourself to a safehouse on a point on the map, there's a good chance a mini skirmish will be kicking off outside the front door, teasing you to iron sights."

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