Top 5 Soundtracks in JRPG’s

Finn says, "JRPG’s are known for having amazing soundtracks so I decided to set myself the tough task of ranking the 5 best soundtracks in JRPG history."

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DarkOcelet1441d ago

Parasite Eve should be on the list because its soundtrack was awesome but agree that Xenoblade soundtrack was beautiful.

NatureOfLogic_1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Parasite eve, Xenosaga E2, FFX, KH2, radiata stories, Star Ocean till the end of time and chrono cross.

user55757081441d ago

valkyrie profile was awesome as well

Xof1440d ago

You've got some good taste there.

Hoffmann1441d ago

That list looked like the author of it does not know many jrpg soundtracks actually.

Xof1440d ago

Odds are any time you see someone making a list of something, they know nothing about it.

Its because people who are experienced enough to know realize the field is too wide to list things out.

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Segata1441d ago

Ys Book 1
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy VI

Inception1441d ago

Ys 7 is my favourite in terms of soundtrack. Can't get enough of Innocent Primeval Breaker and Crossing Rage :3

But all Ys had amazing soundtracks. Sadly mainstream gamers didn't recognize Team JDK (or Ys series) because they're not as popular as FF or other popular JRPG with popular composer :(

Baka-akaB1441d ago

Xenogears , Chrono Cross , Xenosaga 2 and 3 , Final Fantasy Tactics are probably my top 5 . Anyway you can't go wrong with anything by Matsueda , Kajiura yuki , Uematsu or Shinji Meguro .

NatureOfLogic_1441d ago

How could I forget about tactics. A lot great jprg soundtracks.

Redempteur1441d ago

Chrono Cross ,
Xenoblade chronicles
Radiant historia
Ar tonelico 2 ( seriously listen to those hymnos )
Persona 3

5 sountracks where you can't go wrong.
Don't mention it

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The story is too old to be commented.