Purchase The Last of Us Remastered (digital) for just $18.99 with new deal

A new deal drops the price for the digital release of The Last of Us Remastered to just $18.99.

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Ripsta7th1416d ago

Yes ! Perfect, just what i was waiting for
Had bought it on ps3 so wasnt really ina hurry to get it on ps4

ThunderPulse1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Great price for a great game. MP still has a huge community too and the game isn't a lag fest.

Lionalliance1416d ago

This is really a sweet deal :o!

Phoenix761415d ago

Cheaper than in the UK! Over here its £19.99

Rhythmattic1415d ago

Yep Phoenix,
Not as bad in oz ($34.16 AUD), but we are all still getting railroaded in EU territories .

18.99 USD=22.6030 AUD = $34.16 AUD = Deal with it.

Its the reason Ill generally always wait for a price to drop on the hard copy.

As a note, I played this on the PS3, and still own it, so I'm not rushing for a PS4 copy.... but, its still the principle of how all these companies work with online digital... Its not just sony.

kenna9991415d ago

Phoenix it's £17.99 in the UK if you have ps+

Maxor1415d ago

Damn why didn't I wait. Oh yeah. It was the hype.