Uh, Are Steam Broadcasting Settings Enabling Voyeurism?

GG3 writes: "Options in the Broadcasting settings include turning on a microphone, to make streams more interactive, just like Twitch and so on. An even more lenient option records the desktop, even when not in game."

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badjournalism1419d ago

Non-issue. Has to be enabled by the user. Way to click bait, "journalist".

PS To the author: You might wanna familiarize yourself with Betteridge's Law of Headlines. This is a CLASSIC example.

CorndogBurglar1418d ago

Yeah, its not like they are telling you that you HAVE to use it if you want Steam to work, and then filming everything you do and sending it to the NSA like Xbox was doing with the Kinect 2.0.

Before anyone starts flaming me, that was sarcasm pointed toward the people that actually thought thats what the Kinect was doing...

achmetha1418d ago

maybe it's so that you don't have to stop stream to start a new game. the only reason i can think of right now.

OH_u_DEAD1418d ago

isn't it unchecked by default?

wannabe gamer1418d ago

lol i dont think they know what Voyeurism. im pretty sure it involved unwilling participation. turning on a feature to stream your own desktop is not unintentional. i mean not only do you have to turn this feature on with the checkbox to share desktop specifically you also have to opt into the steam client beta to even get the streaming option at all. i dont see anyone doing any of this on accident or without their knowledge.

Dubaman1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago ) they're not. Its a Beta feature and isn't turned off by default. If the user who has set themselves up for the Beta, then enables this feature they're probably doing it to cut back on the hassle of using 3rd party software while live streaming.
Steam and Valve and never once given me or anyone else i know of the reason or a precedent to say they are spying on us with a feature which is completely optional.

How did this nonsense even get approved? I think it's time this kinda bs "journalism" just went away. Report on actual facts and what is real, rather than basing an entire article around a question and view point which has absolutely weight to it. Though paranoia does bring in those clicks doesn't it.

Dubaman1418d ago

EDIT: IS turned off by default

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