Sucker Punch’s New Game Will Be for PS4, Use Physically Based Lighting and Rendering

Sucker punch is working on a new game, and today new career opportunity ads indicate that it'll be on PS4 and more info.

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Neixus1442d ago

So glad that more games starts to utilize physical based lighting!

hkgamer1441d ago

Not 100% sure what that is. But as long as it runs efficiently then its cool.

With limitations of consoles. Sometimes its just better to use prebaked effects.

inveni01441d ago

You mean "with limitations of development." Consoles can handle physically baked lighting just fine if the developers make graphical fidelity a priority.

360ICE1441d ago

I agree consoles can handle physically based lighting, but obviously not under any circumstance. That goes for PCs too. As you said, it's a matter of priorities. Do you want better lighting or something else?

I tend to think better lighting can really impress.

Anyway, I'm kind of hoping for something else than inFamous from Sucker Punch this time. The inFamous games are awesome, but I wonder what else they've got.

Relientk771442d ago

Can't wait to see what Sucker Punch has up their sleeve this time

LightDiego1442d ago

Could be a new Infamous? Sly Cooper? New IP?
Any of them will be great.

GameDev11442d ago

New IP hopefully, then they can continue with Infamous

MegaRay1442d ago

I thought it would be for PS3, I am so disappointed.

All jokes aside. Anything made by sucker punch is a masterpiece to me. Theyre the best first party Sony own in my opinion. (Not including japan studio tho)

KnownAsEpic1442d ago

Second for me. After Naughty Dog

Rimeskeem1442d ago

Santa Monica and media molecule are also there

hkgamer1441d ago

Japan studio is on a different scale as far as I am concerned. They are massive and split into loads of tiny teams. Some definitely more capable than others.

Naughty dogs definitely the best studio for sony at this moment in time. Releases fantastic games that look great and sells well.

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The story is too old to be commented.