Between Shu Ferns Parody Hints at Legend of Dragoon Game Announcement

Junkie Monkeys: PlayStation have been hinting at several great announcements for the upcoming PlayStation Experience event, and their own Between Two Ferns parody (dubbed Between Shu Ferns) may have just hinted at a Legend of Dragoon announcement.


The original video was set to private for unknown reasons. The site has another re-upload of the same video.

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Relientk771414d ago

Hopefully we get a Legend of Dragoon 2 for PS4 at some point

MSBAUSTX1413d ago

My God that would be amazing. I would my wallet out on the Gamestop counter for that game.

infinitewords1414d ago

If they announce a new Legend of Dragoon at the PlayStation Experience I will literally lose all self control.

Relientk771413d ago

Same, I might faint after going completely nuts

Godmars2901413d ago

Then you better start wearing depends. Just in case.

Forn1413d ago

Don't get hyped for the events this weekend... Don't get hyped for the events this weekend... Don't get... Oh screw it, I'm getting hyped!

MegaRay1413d ago

Aren't we all like that ;)

WeAreLegion1413d ago

I wouldn't say they're hinting at it. Just referencing. It would be VERY cool to get a sequel though.

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