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Let’s face it, a lot of games this year have failed to live up to expectations. Most of the AAA games have let people down one way or another. With this in mind, one could be forgiven if they believed that Bioware’s latest would also be a disappointment. However, this isn’t the case at all. Among a sea of less than stellar blockbusters, rises Dragon Age: Inquisition. A title that more often than not, exceeds expectations and delivers one of the most robust and fulfilling games in recent memory.

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MrKennedy1420d ago ShowReplies(1)
SwiffEpics1420d ago

This is a guarantee'd game of the year.

Venomousfatman1420d ago

I'm hoping people take a liking to this game much more than how they received DA2.

Profexxion1420d ago

Considering it's a much better game, they probably will.

Paprika1420d ago

Dragon age 2 was good, but following origins it wasn't worthy. If it was another original IP, it'd have been received slightly better. A solid 8/10 game imo.

Profexxion1420d ago

Savior of the Industry? Aside from me enjoying this game, I don't understand that statement.

Romudeth1420d ago

Read the review. It's explained in there. :)

rbailey1420d ago

I really wish this game didn't come out on a day with every other game lol I'll play it eventually but not before I finish Far Cry 4.

gangsta_red1420d ago

I had to chose between this game and Far Cry 4 for the holiday weekend and I went with DA:I. I thought maybe I could fit in both but no such luck. I'm going to have to at least get further into DA before I even attempt to submerge myself into the wonders of Far Cry 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.