Worst of 2014: Top 5 Video Game Launch Disasters of 2014

CraveOnline: "2014 is a year that will be remembered for a long time not only for its limited number of stellar releases and major disappointments, but its launch disasters. There were several games that debuted before they were ready, resulting in a frustrating experience for not only the consumer, but the developer."

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dbjj120881418d ago

I wasn't really disappointed by any of these games, but Destiny seems to have had the most trouble maintaining a lot of excitement. People are still asking about DriveClub weeks afterwards because Sony said it'd be free. Otherwise I think you wouldn't hear a peep about it.

Rik_Mayall1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

2014 in general for me will be known as the like it or lump it year by the developers and publishers.

- The year developers and publishers decided to release games in unfished and untested states because they knew the majority would understand this and some would even defend them in comment sections online.

- The same year that a lot of developers thought it was acceptable to release games and then promise things "later on in the year" in patches and updates.

- The same year developers and publishers thought it was okay to take features out of games which had been in previous iterations and blame it on a new engine, features which made the previous game a complete advancement in the series in general... This being the Sims 4 in particular.

- The same year most games released where mass online issues persisted, even when games sold in moderate amounts.

- The same year when you couldn't play your game online for at least a couple of weeks without hiccup.

You could argue that this happens every year... Which would be true but name me a year when so many games had this many problems consistently?