PLAY review: Buzz!:Quiz TV

Girls love peripherals, don't they? Now, PLAY are not trying to be sexist, but give most members of the fairer sex a DualShock 3 and chances are they won't know what to do with it (bar the rumble, but that's another matter). But shove a plastic guitar/fishing rod/steering wheel/stupid golf club thing at them and suddenly their interest is piqued. Easily amused? Probably, but just check out their smiles when someone suggests a bit of Buzz! at a get-together. It's bordering on the insane.

Thankfully then, for all of PLAY's readers, male and female, Sony and Relentless have made the best Buzz! yet. By a country mile in fact. Over 5,000 questions, five different categories, really nice presentation and wireless buzzers. It's all there, and it's all great. As before, proceedings are introduced by the amusingly energetic Buzz, still voiced by Jason Donovan and still happy to deliver a cutting put-down whenever you mess up

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kibbels3764d ago

Can't wait to get this one. Loves me some trivia! Almost picked up the ps2 buzz games (60gb ps3 ftw) but gonna hold off for this one, I have enough plastic contollers in my house already!

Vitalogy3764d ago


And the most cooler thing on this one, for ps3, is that you will be able to create your own quiz questions and upload it, or download new ones.

I've cleaned the dust from my trivial persuit table game. will be very helpfull to increase my database on the game :p