Ubisoft: PC platform is the best for casual games

Emeric Thoa, Ubisoft's lead games designer, has said he believes that the PC is the best platform for casual games titles.

Speaking to about the adaptation of the RTS genre to work on consoles for Ubisoft's upcoming title EndWar, Thoa revealed his thoughts on the PC as a gaming plaftom.

"It will probably have to evolve even faster than consoles," he said. "For me, PC is the best platform for casual games, better than the DS or the Wii. The web is an unmatched tool for gaming, and browsing with a mouse has not yet been matched by any other device in terms of comfort.

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CAPT IRISH3857d ago

like we didn't know that already

Harry1903856d ago

with all those free little indie games over the internet.
However,some of those games are incredibly deep.

vickers5003856d ago

Yeah, if you like playing solitare or flash based web browser games. If you want to play something like crysis or bioshock, be prepared to shell out 100-200 bucks just on a graphics card, provided you are lucky enough to have an upgradeable computer. Pc gaming is more of a hardcore platform.