IGN: Firmware 2.40 Impressions

IGN: "The moment that everyone has been waiting for is finally upon us. With the release of firmware update 2.40, Sony will finally add features like in-game XrossMediaBar access, custom soundtracks and Trophies to the PlayStation 3. Greg and Chris Roper had a chance to see the update in action a few days ago, and based on what we saw, you should be excited. Read on for details, and look for our personal impressions at the end."

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Real gamer 4 life3761d ago

Wow it sounds like ign loved the 2.4 updated, and they said that the trophy system that the ps3 has is fantastic. the leveling up thing with trophy may persuade some of those who own both console, to buy the ps3 version of the game instead of the xbox counter part.

Silellak3761d ago

Sounds pretty cool. Microsoft is going to have a much harder time justifying the cost behind XBL once 2.40 comes out, and it sounds like it's only the beginning of their PSN strategy.

As the game industry consistently proves - when you have a chance to copy someone else's ideas, it also means you can more easily improve upon them. In that regard, Trophies seem cooler than Achievements. I always thought Achievements were cool, but Gamerscore was crap.

Sony just basically turned PSN into a massive MMO with hundreds of minigames you can use to level-up. This will be especially true once Home comes out. Yeah, I went there.

crck3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

But the most important thing I got out of that read? Sony will at some point make it mandatory for 3rd parties to include trophy support to get certification. They really needed to do this otherwise Trophies wouldn't have meant much.

callahan093761d ago

Does anybody understand why custom soundtracks don't work unless the game is patched or developed to support it? I can't figure out why it wouldn't just work universally with all games. I mean, you're pulling up the XMB and going to music, picking a song, and hitting "play." Why wouldn't that just work automatically, why is it necessary for the game to specifically support that functionality? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Otherwise, the update sounds really awesome, and I hope that in their Phase 2 and Phase 3 they work out how to make the custom soundtracks universally available and not requiring developers to code support for them into the games.

El_Colombiano3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Disregard, wrong reply button.

Old Snake3761d ago

Yet when they saw the rumored pics of the gamertag, which turned out to be true, they said they looked bad and Sony needed to get their act together.

harrisk9543761d ago


Once this Trophy thing gets going, I'm done with Achievements.

With one morning meeting, Sony has made me ready to buy every cross-platform title on the PlayStation 3 instead of its Microsoft-bred competitor. Sure, points are nice, but now I'm Leveling up? You mean to tell me that Sony's turned my gaming into an RPG of its own? You mean that everyone's going to be starting from square one and have an equal chance at being king of Trophies?

Sign me up.

Looks like 2008 really is the year of the PS3. My only problem now is that I need to go back and rent or buy all of the games that I owned, finished and traded!

HighDefinition3761d ago

"With one morning meeting, Sony has made me ready to buy every cross-platform title on the PlayStation 3 instead of its Microsoft-bred competitor."

3761d ago
deeznuts3761d ago

Yay! I guess ...

Not into any of these features (I insert game, I play, I take out game, put in movie, I watch). Great for those who have been clamoring for this forever though.

diatom3761d ago

I really hope the trophy system plays into home. Better apartments/furniture for those with a higher gamer level or something on that scale.

So much potential.

Anyways time to brush up my stardust HD skills.

Bastardometer3761d ago

I think a patch is required for some/most game's because those game's may have a soundtrack that can not be audibly adjusted or muted. Playing a custom soundtrack over a games' soundtrack (i.e. both at the same time) would suck. A patch would remedy that.
Just my guess, of course.

sticky doja3760d ago

Unless you get special perks for being level 12 or 23 or whatever there really is no difference. I can't remember exactly but i have somewhere between 10-15k gamerscore points so basically that is like being level 10-15 in the PSN leveling system unless, like I said earlier, there are perks involved.

I did read about any specific perks, could someone let me know if I skipped over something?

watchem3760d ago

Im gonna be a trophy hunter :]

Lifendz3760d ago

but I'm going to go kiss my PS3.

So much entertainment....Thank you Sony

Jim Crowslaw3760d ago

i really
really hope i can stay online while i play my ps2 games and so others can see what im playin

Bubble Buddy3760d ago

Funny some people are saying Sony copied MS with the achievements but Insomniac was the first to implement "skill points" in their game for a while now. PSN is shaping up nicely, and Is almost/in par with XBL now.

ChrisGTR13760d ago

so whens this update coming out? im assuming at 9pm just like usual.

uie4rhig3760d ago

im not even gonna bother saying anything about it.. at first i wasn't really into the trophies.. just wanted the in-game XMB.. but IGN has changed my mind...

bubbles for y'all...


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pwnsause3761d ago

IGN <3 PSN now because of 2.4 ROFL

pwnsause3761d ago

ROFL at the disagreer, that person is very afraid that this is the truth. PSN is evolving its doing things that XBL did in 7 years. its going to take sony about 3 years to get the network setup. half the time than how live did it. disagree all you want, thats the truth. shows that Sony is doing a good job on handling their network and its all free

Silellak3761d ago

In Microsoft's defense, it is easier to imitate than innovate. Sony isn't being particularly creative, they're just taking what Microsoft did and made it better.

Which, of course, is what Microsoft does to Apple, except Microsoft takes it and makes it worse.

El_Colombiano3761d ago

It's called business, and if you ask me, it's only for the good of the consumer. This update brings the PSN on par, if not makes it better than XBL because its still free. Hopefully this will make Microsoft get rid of their monthly/yearly charge for XBL.

Jamie Foxx3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

well said, i do believe microsoft have to drop the xbl charge now,how can they justify it?it just not right

i can see it nw every multiplat game 360 owners are going to get flamed on here with 'you pay for your sevice we get for free na na na na na'

Silellak3761d ago

The only justification they have left is the unified architecture used to ensure most 360 games have some online component, because it's very easy for developers to add multiplayer functionality to their games. Hence why even a free, intern-created XBLA game has online co-op.

However, it's much, much harder to use that as a "selling point" for a monthly fee. People want to see actual physical differences to justify the cost, and 2.40 is going to remove that long-held advantage from Microsoft.

Marcello3761d ago

In Sony`s defense, they only gave us wat PS3 owners asked for even if it was *cough* quietly requested :P LOL

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Jandre023761d ago

Once this is released he is done with achievements! He actually said he will buy all new cross-platform games on the PS3 now! Wow thats amazing. The PSN has just outdone XBL? And for free!?

Xbox fans, really its time to get a PS3. The fanboy stuff was fun and all, but I think we all see whats happening here. The 360 has just become an antiquated system. There is nothing left that make it better than the PS3.

Don't be stuck like those HD-DVD owners. You know you want the PS3 features and its exclusives. After Gears 2, you know what you need to do...join the Band of Brothers.

Jamie Foxx3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

360 the machine itself is terribly outdated-no bluetooth,wi-fi,rechargeable controllers,dvd9,no 7 player controller support,noisy,looks lastgen,no standard 2.5 HD,and now xbl is getting punked and by a free service judging by what IGN have said

360 is getting outsold everywhere including america its mother land what next, 2007 was amazing for 360 but that was its last hurrah, gears 2 will be good but the graphical wow factor wont be there

wow how the tides have turned but i give props to the 360 it really gave sony and the playstation a fight competition is good and without xbl would we have this new 2.4 update?

so to all bashing 360 remember they made sony up there game!

juuken3761d ago

I'm so excited for this update. I knew Sony was working on something HUGE. You see, patience wins in the end. Like I said, it seems as if Sony does things ten times better than MS these days. That makes me even more excited for Home.

Excellent job Sony.

DavidMacDougall3761d ago

lol only 3 Disagree quess they have jumped ship usally when there told to get smart they Disagree more lol

LastDance3761d ago

look at the comments at the end.... Pretty strong words there.

Doctor Strange3761d ago

That were pretty strong words, making gaming basically an rpg in its own to level has me sold to, only a couple more days now.

Hellsvacancy3761d ago

the 360 really is sitting on top of thin-ice u can write a whole list of failures/problems/reasons not 2 buy a 360, i knew i backed a winner with the playstation brand, like the old sayin goes "if it aint broke dont fix it" P S 3FTW WOOT WOOT WOOT.....