Removing RNG: how eliminating luck can benefit strategy card games

In a guest article for Continue Play, Elyot Grant from Lunarch Studios - developers of the upcoming PC strategy card game, Primsata - discusses how removing RNG from a card game can improve the play experience, and side-step one of the most hated problems in the genre.

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Jdoki1420d ago

I think RNG in digital card games is fine. Sometimes the luck is with you and other times it is not.

Most people think RNG is bad because we all have a natural disposition to think we are getting screwed by it. But on the other side, those times when RNG works exactly in our favour sweetens the victory so much more.

Used tactically it can be a great tool. A big risk versus a big reward.

In something like Hearthstone we can mitigate RNG on our side by not including cards. If another player wants to risk the wrath of the RNG gods - so be it.

I'd miss Ragnaros and Mad Bomber if they were removed from Hearthstone.