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Lestrade on the Official UK Playstation Forums writes:

"Just launched today is the brand new quiz website from Buzz!:

And we're inviting you, as a much-loved member of our PlayStation community, to be the one of the first people onto the site to design your own mind-bending quizzes.

Sign in to the website using your PSN ID to create your own quizzes about anything from TV shows, music and movies to sport, food, culture and other brain-teasing trivia. If your quiz gets plenty of plays and high ratings from other Buzz! players, then you could be our Top Author and get your quizzes ranked as the most popular on the site.

Hope to see you there and we'll look forward to testing our mental strength on your ingenious quizzes!"

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Vip3r3766d ago

Ugh, the links changed (in the post) to another buzz site. But quiz making site was working earlier.

Bazookajoe_833766d ago

Annoying.... Im picking the game up on wednesday =)

LiquifiedArt3766d ago

Great Party Game!