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Jerry Yang is out of choices and he wants Microsoft

Arstechnica writes:

"Just a few months ago, the blogosphere was exploding over the possibility of Microsoft and Yahoo joining up to become an online powerhouse. Would Steve Ballmer be able to pull the deal off? Would Jerry Yang bite? We all anxiously waited for what could be. But after a lengthy deliberation, political jockeying, and pleas for help, Microsoft walked away after Jerry Yang did everything he could to kill the deal.

But the story didn't quite end there. Since then, Microsoft and Yahoo have gone back to the table twice. First, Microsoft entertained the possibility of acquiring Yahoo's search for $1 billion and a buyback of Yahoo stock for $8 billion. After that deal fell through, we once again thought it was over. But now, they're back to talking about a full buyout and Jerry Yang, not Ballmer, is starting to look like the CEO who really wants to get the deal done."

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socomnick3789d ago

Very bad picture of Jerry. He looks like he has down syndrome.

mboojigga3789d ago

Yes that is really important. Someone who looks to you to have down syndrome with more many than you and nothing to do with the article. Unless you want to prove us wrong and show us your 07 tax return like Senator McCain's wife.

SkyGamer3789d ago

I am sorry. I always try to help everyone but when I read his comment, I nearly fell off the rocker. We all know that Jerry is very smart and a very capable person but that pic certainly does not serve him justice. Bubbles for you.

Bladestar3789d ago

Yahoo is already a sinking ship... only today their shares dropped $-0.67 (-3.14%) ... that's down from $29.98 (when microsoft tried to acquired the company)....

This will go down in history as what anti-corporate stupidity does to a company... the hate of this guy had for microsoft drove him to make lots of investors lose lots of money which practically screwed the only job he was there to do... The last move he made by giving advertisers ads that they went to Yahoo to advertise to google trying to show microsoft the finger... which pissed up lots of advertisers... if advertiser wanted to advertise in google.. wouldn't they go directly to google?

Microsoft should keep away from Yahoo... let it die... sorry for the investors but there is nothing they can do.. this company is already doom... not worth the money...

karlostomy3789d ago

He had the opportunity to make a HUGE premium over what his company was worth in the market by accepting the offer. I guess his greed and ego got in the way of a sound business decision.

What has happened now, is that he is about to be sacked by the board:

The shares are at $19 now. MS offered $33.
That means Yang, by rejecting MS's offer, vaporised $21 BILLION
(yes, $21 BILLION!!!) of the companies value at the time of the offer.

If I was a shareholder I would lynch Yang, just like what is happening now.

tojfs79313789d ago

Has a persistant webbeacon on its site that transmits data about your surfing habits back to headquarters.

IdleLeeSiuLung3788d ago

Yahoo has generally been a poorly managed company and actions like this proves it. I firmly believe that Yang was lucky when he started the company as their were no real good competitors. As soon as a good competitors show up, they will eat the other company for lunch!

I'm glad I don't own shares in Yahoo. Google is a better bet now even at a premium, at least they have an upside and has shown good managment.