StarCraft 2 Not Arriving in 2008?

Blizzard's anticipated sci-fi PC RTS sequel StarCraft 2 will not hit this year, according to an extremely sparse report from Internode Games Network.

The studio is only "about a third of the way" done with the game's campaign mode, executive VP Rob Pardo revealed during a talk at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational.

According to Internode Games Network, the company hopes to have something impressive to show by the year's end. Pardo further noted that, when it hits, the game should simultaneously launch on PC and Mac.

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Gun_Senshi3814d ago

Need SC2....NOW!!!


JsonHenry3814d ago

At least Red Alert 3 and Dawn of War 2 are slated for this year. I can easily pass the time playing those two games.

Gun_Senshi3814d ago

While i am looking foward for Red Alert 3, Red Alert 3 is below Diablo 3 in my wish list. I spent hundreds of not thousands of hours in starcraft

Need Diablo 3 =.= i just installed D2 to replay the masterpiece again.

Best time to be PC Gamer Early 2009.

Who needs consoles when best games are PC and multiplat play better on PC?

Drekken3814d ago

Well hey at least now it can give sarcastic gamer time to learn about diablo and starcraft before he goes talking trash!

Gun_Senshi3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Yea true its below retard that sarcastic gamer makes a whole article that never heard of diablo.

He runs a GAMING SITE and never heard of Diablo? Any Hardcore Gamer that never heard of Diablo is not a hardcore gamer.

Millions of people still play Diablo and Starcraft online!

Stupid kids who know nothing about gaming.

Drekken3814d ago

Yeah, shame on him. That is beyond pathetic. He probably likes the waggle. .. lol

Gun_Senshi3814d ago

probably he doesn't have a PC and cannot afford one like most fanboys on this site. Currently people playing WoW is way higher then X360 + PS3 + Wii sold together.

PC Gaming is far from dead. Get Over it kids.

I hope Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 won't release on consoles. They will downgrade the quality (Oblivion anyone?) and console fanboys and people like that sarcastic gamer do not deserve to play these games.

Also. Have A bubble

Drekken3814d ago

You have a bubble too Gun!

But I do think D3 can be done on PS3 with M/KB. It would be sweet. Either way, I am playing this badboy on my bigscreen. After a year with my PS3, I cant really see myself going back to my computer chair and 21" monitor.

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omni_atlas3814d ago

Time to buy a console for your gaming needs.

Gun_Senshi3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I'm sorry but some PC Games which are the best games can never be replaced by Console games.

Also some console have nearly all its exclusive on PC and play better on PC.

A Gaming Grade PC is what you need for gaming needs. It works perfect with PS3 due to the fact PS3 exclusives never comes on PC and there are some notable exclusives like MGS4. Also Wii is good to have with Gaming PC + PS3 for fun and a change of game types and style.

Be Thankful there is going to be Fallout on PS3/X360. I hope they won't downgrade it like they did on Oblivion to be on Consoles. Morrowind is the best Elder's Scrolls ever made and compared to it Oblivion is very bad game.


*Puts up flameshield to protect me from 12 year old fanboys*

dktxx23814d ago

The only problem is that Gaming pc's can destroy your wallet. And the cheap ones are not so good, since they all come with vista that takes all the power for itself.

omni_atlas3814d ago

I don't necessarily disagree (I''m building a PC now) but there needs to be more A grade exclusives on the PC. Yes theres starcraft, diablo, spore, etc...but I can practically count the number on one hand.

The PS3 enables mouse + keyboard support, so I would hope that develops work on using those peripherals.

I would rather game on a couch & tv anyday, but thats just my preference.

Silellak3814d ago

Totally. I mean, SC2 was the only game coming out for PC this year, right?

And console games are never, ever, ever delayed, right?

Gun_Senshi3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

a "Gaming PC" is not used for gaming only. Why people get that opinion.

I can use my gaming PC for video Editing without problems. For Graphics design. For music creation (Not making, programs like Reason). For general office use. Compressing and processing films and more.

A Console is just for gaming and PC can be used for all your needs.

Now then Fallout 3 comes out and console fanboys flame each other because "X360 Version runs at 60 fps!!" "PS3 Version looks more graphical"

I will answer My Fallout 3 on PC runs most graphical then both of you with over 2000p resolution at 150 FPS. SUCKERS

dktxx23814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

You could buy a $1500 gaming rig that can do everything, or a $700 rig that does everything else except for gaming. And then you can buy a 360 that has most would be pc exclusives on it, for $350, soon to be $300, for $1050. Only a hardcore pc gamer would go with the gaming rig.

Daver3814d ago


PC gaming sucks! lol only diablo 3 and starcraft 2 worth playing on a PC otherwise consoles are the best!

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Hellsvacancy3814d ago

it gives me enough time to get a decent pc that will be able 2 run-it, hav they released the system requirements yet?

dktxx23814d ago

I know Blizzard takes time to put quality in their games,but they need to get to get working on these games. You can't be the best developer if you don't put out any games.

thehitman3814d ago

they release a high quality game almsot every year. If you dont got nothing good to say then dont say anything at all.

dktxx23814d ago

whats the last actually game they released? One that's not an expansion? WoW in 2004. It will be five years, unless something miraculous happens, that they've gone without a real game. I love Blizzard, and how they put all their games out with awesomeness and polish, but things need to get moving faster. Blizzard is PC gaming, not valve, not Epic. PC gaming relies on them. They should find a way to get things done like they always do, just a little quicker.

TheIneffableBob3814d ago

If they did it quicker then there's a good chance that their games would suffer in quality.

To quote Shigeru Miyamoto, "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."

Quickstrike3814d ago

so I can upgrade my computer to match at least the minimum requirements. I was looking forward for SC 2 this year but hell blizzard needs to take their time so SC 2 wont suck.

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