PlayTM: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

Reviewed by Richard Bright, he writes:

"Dragon Ball Z first appeared on the scene shortly after the Pokemon madness had subsided. It was based around some sort of card game, but one that never quite took off and the strong point of the franchise has always been the anime series on TV. Now there is a new computer game to sample, so let's see how good it is."

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vickers5003814d ago

Damnit, why did I just approve this? This guy obviously does not know what hes talking about. Dragon Ball Z did not start off as a f*cking card game, and there is nothing "pokemon like" about the series. This reviewer has just now lost credibility in my eyes for just saying those 2 lines of bullsh**.

Baka-akaB3814d ago

WHAT the HELL just happened ?

"Apparently Dragon Ball Z is based around some sort of martial art that is a mix between Street Fighter and that stuff that they do in some Asian films - you know, the flying around and stuff"

? that and the part about the card game and pokemon is too damn funny !
I know he raised the "i dont know dbz" card , but there are a few ways to at least get enough references ... like wikipedia .
So at the very least he wouldnt say false stuff about the franchise .

That review is completely wrong in every way . he doesnt know the franchise , so he wouldnt get the current and usual bias against the game based on tenkaichi or past budokai games .
He even feels the game is a solid fighter , yet for story related reasons , things that usually never matter in fighters , he gives only 60 % ?

Something is defintely wrong here , and i bet that guy at the very least looked up the average ratings the game received , saw a line between mediocre and average in most reviews , and decided to follow like a sheep