50 skills that every gamer should master

Just being able to play games is only the beginning. If you're going to call yourself a proper gamer (as opposed to a casual pretender) there are a few requisite skills that you must master first. 50 skills, in fact. And they're all right here...

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Covenant3766d ago


Very funny list...sorry to say that I'm guilty of a few of these. :)

Mr PS33766d ago

Play you 360 for over an hour without it RROD on your looser ass

Try playing other game's than Shooters

STOP Talking so much crap online and Stop giving yourselve's virtual high five's every time you Oooh so pwn someone with a headshot

PSWe603766d ago

Bubbles for you my friend

user8586213766d ago

"you have to keep this 360 less then 30 degrees or it will DIE!!!"

theres a new skill bots gota learn!!

Pentumsmart3766d ago

Ahahaha, that's one of the best and funniest article I've ever read! Well done!

Pornlord3766d ago

Funny, I sometimes don't want to take piss breaks, but I have too :( I guess I'm not a real video gamer :(

games4fun3766d ago

this is my favorite one in the list:
"33. Confidently guess what a developer's secret project/unannounced title is
If all else fails, predict Shenmue 3." lol

sidenote:this is the only article that has a list worth reading in a long time.

Pentumsmart3766d ago

Didn't get that.. Probebly because I'm no the best in English.

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The story is too old to be commented.