Rock Band 2 Details Officially Announced

Harmonix has announced new details about Rock Band 2. Rock Band 2 will feature backwards compatibility with downloads and with peripherals. In addition to this, gamers will have new online modes to play with.

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CAPT IRISH3760d ago

I still have to get the first one

kwicksandz3760d ago

EA hasnt even released rock band in AUS yet.

wolfehound223760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Thats pretty cool. Activision & Guitar hero could learn from these guys. Being able to play all my old downloads is great.

dxmnecro3760d ago

Yeah, its a good thing they aren't making people pay for all of their downloads again.

mhr5123760d ago

Not only downloads but it is compatible with the original rock band instruments. GH4 makes you buy a new friggin guitar!!!

Out of principle I am not buying GH4 for that reason.

Tempist3760d ago

Isn't it a tad too early to be releasing yet another Rock Band? It's barely been a year. This is beginning to make Rock Band look like a Madden title from EA.

The market is saturated with rhythm games (about 3 this year from GH alone?) and adding on with less than stellar features, as well a reason for the release, is just stupid and asinine. More so it being exclusive it's going to be even more niche than a full on release. Were I a parent, I would not want to drop another $80 on a game that I've probably let my kid invest $300 on already.

xjoshbx3760d ago

I played guitar hero for the longest... Then i got Rock Band. It's in everyway sooo much better. For me it's the realism with the drums that keeps me addicted.

The END3760d ago

all i know is i am gonna lose another chunk of countless hours of my life! can not wait!! FINALLY, getting career tour mode online--IMO I think the tour mode should have been online to begin with but better late than never!

mastercheese1793760d ago

If it is going to be exactly like the first one Im not getting it

ceedubya93760d ago

that it won't be EXACTLY like the first one. I mean, how much different is Guitar Hero 1 compared to GH 3??

Unless of course you just didn't like Rock Band.....

NDN_Shadow3760d ago

I mean honestly, how many music games can you have. I haven't bought a single music/rhythm game because every version is going to get even better, and I'll just wait it out until there's just as many Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands as Dance Dance Revolution.

Expy3760d ago

Looks like I gotta wait a few months after launch before I can play this online for free.

DiabloRising3760d ago

Same here. Man, I wish I got moneyhats, they seem to be so trendy these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.