Age of Conan #2 MMO in Western Hemisphere

According to Eidos and Funcom, Age of Conan is now the #2 MMO in the Western World with a subscriber base of 700,000 users.

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the_RED_SCARE3764d ago

I really am thinking of canceling my subscription. Eventhough I am still a lower level (35) I find no reason to really progress. Yes the combat system is AWESOME but there isn't alot of substance there for me. Really, the only thing I see myself leveling for is to take part in guild battles. AOC is a great game but it lacks in areas that hurt its longevity. No matter how much I try to find a replacement for WoW, it's impossible for me. WoW got it right on so many levels.

Silellak3764d ago

I can't stand WoW, or any MMO that uses auto-attack, really.

AoC has its flaws, but I can see the potential. I'll stick it out as long as my guild does, and I think most of us are in for the long-haul.

Bolts3764d ago

Thats pretty much it. AoC is your typical unpolished MMO once you get pass the starter town. But an interesting factoid showed up in this article. If Conan is number 2 with 700,000 subs and WoW is number 1 with 7 million, then there is a freaking HUGE tangent between WoW and all the rest.

AliC3764d ago

WOW has 11 million subscribers, I believe. I played AOC twice never played it again, I can see some nice points about the game but it's not something I would want to pay for each month.

Drekken3764d ago

I know a lot of people who have played WoW religiously that didnt even play AoC for two weeks. Pretty sad for a game with so much potential.

the_RED_SCARE3764d ago

I'm one of them. I've played WoW for 2 years but not religiously. AoC hooks you with the eye candy but once that wares off, there isn't much substance there at all.